Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on Wednesday 29 th September 2010 at the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Windmill Lane Northam at 6.00 pm


Present: Cllrs Hames (Chairman), Mrs Biggs, Mrs Collins, Langton (Town Mayor) and Osborne

In Attendance: Mrs P Moores, Assistant Town Clerk

Mr R Ker, Appledore Residents' Association


1009/335 Chairman's announcements

The Chairman notified Members of a footpath closure in Appledore on Monday 25 th October 2010 from the Mount to Staddon Road by Southwest Highways.


1009/336 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs Mrs Boyle, Edwards and Tisdale


1009/337 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests should be declared prior to the item being discussed.


1009/338 To agree agenda as published

It was resolved to agree the Agenda as published.


1009/339 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Planning meeting held 15 th September 2010

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held 15 th September 2010 as a correct record.


1009/340 Torridge District Council Planning Applications:

Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has asked for comments from this Town Council on the following planning applications: -

It was formally noted that participation of the Councillors who are also members of Torridge District Council in both the debate and subsequent vote (in respect of any of the applications below, were preliminary taking account of the information matters) was on the basis that the views expressed made available at the time to the Town Council. The District Councillors were reserving their final views on the Applications until they were in full possession of all the relevant arguments for and against.



Location: Pebble Cottage, 4 Pebble Close, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr K Thorpe

Proposal: Erection of double-glazed conservatory on a dwarf wall to the rear of bungalow

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved.



Location: 21 Highfield, Northam

Applicant: Mr C Bailes

Proposal: Erection of a greenhouse

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved subject to no objections from neighbours.



Location: Middle Dock, New Quay Street, Appledore

Applicant: Strongvox Homes

Proposal: Mixed use redevelopment of site comprising the demolition of existing buildings, the erection of a community sea sports building, the erection of 23 dwellings, associated parking, the provision of a waterfront walkway and improvements to vehicular and pedestrian access including the provision of a new footway along New quay Street.

It was resolved to suspend Standing Orders to allow Mr Ker of Appledore Residents' Association to speak after which normal session was resumed.

It was resolved, with one abstention, to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved provided the following points are fully taken into account:-

1. Members would like a clearer definition of the proposed sports facility and a clear indication and evidence given of the organisations who would use it. Also members strongly recommend that this facility should be provided before any proposed residential development takes place.

2. Members thought the proposed number of dwellings is too high for the footprint of the site.

3. It should be stressed that the working shipyard nearby is of extreme importance to the area and that it should be accepted that with that industry there will, of necessity, be noise.

4. There appears to be a lack of attention to the archaeological and historical importance of the site in the proposal and the associated documents.

5. It is noted that Torridge D.C. in its specification for development of Middle Dock stated that housing should not occupy more than half the site and it would appear that the proposed dwellings exceed that requirement.

6. There should be detailed consultation with the Conservation Officer to ensure that any design of dwellings fits Torridge D.C.'s conditions for development of the site – that is, that the design should fit the ‘historic cottage character' of Appledore and should comply with ‘local distinctiveness'. If the existing buildings cannot be re-used for dwellings or other purposes then Members would like to see the stone from demolished buildings and walls re-used in any new development (as set down in local and County policies).

7. Members are concerned about the status of the slipway incorporated into the proposal as Northam Town Council's investigations at the Land Registry have established that the slipway is not registered under an owner.

8. Members would like to see renewable energy systems incorporated in to any proposed buildings e.g. solar power, photo-voltaic cells

9. There was concern that Newquay Street is unsuitable for the extra traffic likely to be generated by the development .



Location: Royal North Devon Golf Club, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Royal North Devon Golf Club

Proposal: 12 Holiday Lodges renewal of 1/1379/2005/OUT

It was resolved to note this application.


1009/341 Torridge District Council – Planning Decisions

It was resolved to note that Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has APPROVED the following applications with conditions as filed:



Location: Golden Bay Holiday Village, Merley Road, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Continental Chalets

Proposal: Demolition of 6 chalets and construction of 5 pairs of semi detached two storey holiday villas

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: 2 Nelson Terrace, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr J West

Proposal: Conversion of first floor flat into 2 no flats and conversion of second floor flat into 2 no flats, including alterations to ground floor

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: 1 Richmond Park, Northam

Applicant: Mr D Berkhauer

Proposal: Ground floor extension to rear of property and first floor extension amended rooflight position

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: 79A Richmond Park, Northam

Applicant Mr & Mrs W Williams

Proposal: Porch Extension

(Northam recommended approval)


1009/342 Torridge District Notice of Withdrawal of application

It was resolved to note that Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has notified that the following applications have been withdrawn:


Location: Steepholm, Goats Hill Road, Northam

Applicant: Mr 7 Mrs S Dixon

Proposal: Alterations and first floor extension/loft conversion


1009/343 Torridge District Council Notice of Appeal

It was resolved to note that Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has notified that and appeal has been made on the following application:


Location: Land to the South and east of Silford Road, Northam

Applicant: Westward Ho! Tennis Club

Proposal: Multi-Sports Centre comprising 4 internal and 4 external tennis courts, 3 squash courts, 2 sports/gym/recreational rooms, viewing area, lounge, small meeting room, refreshment area, and associated facilities. Provision of car parking and access and landscaping scheme and wildlife habitat

Appeal reference APP/W1145/A/10/2135686/NWF

Appeal Start date: 14 th September 2010

The appeal is to be decided on the basis of an exchange of written statements by the parties and a site visit by an Inspector.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 6.35 pm