Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on Wednesday 14 th July 2010 at the Council Chamber Council Offices Windmill Lane Northam


Present: Cllrs Osborne (Chairman), Mrs Boyle, Edwards, Langton (Town Mayor), Tisdale

In Attendance: Cllr Eastman

Mrs Jane Mills, Town Clerk

Member of the public

In the absence of Cllr Hames, Cllr Osborne took the chair


1007/198 Chairman's announcements

There were no Chairman's announcements


1007/199 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs Hames, Mrs Biggs and Mrs Collins


1007/200 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests should be declared prior to the item being discussed.


1007/201 To agree agenda as published

It was resolved to agree the Agenda as published.


1007/202 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Planning meeting held 30 th June 2010

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting as a correct record.


1007/203 Correspondence

Members were advised of a workshop to inform the landscape character assessment of Torridge District 21 July 2010. Councillors suggested that

Cllr Hames should be invited to attend. Cllr Osborne expressed a wish to attend and possibly Cllr Edwards.


1007/204 Torridge District Council Planning Applications:

Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has asked for comments from this Town Council on the following planning applications: -


It was formally noted that participation of the Councillors who are also members of Torridge District Council in both the debate and subsequent vote (in respect of any of the applications below, were preliminary taking account of the information matters) was on the basis that the views expressed made available at the time to the Town Council. The District Councillors were reserving their final views on the applications until they were in full possession of all the relevant arguments for and against.



Location: 25 Kipling Court, Kipling Terrace, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr Vaughan Burrows

Proposal: Remove plywood panels in dormer windows and reinstate glass to original condition

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be APPROVED.



Location: Prance Motor Services, 17 Atlantic Way, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr Paul Prance

Proposal: Erection of four town houses with car ports

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved subject to a condition that the car ports be retained in perpetuity.



Location: Appletree Gardens, Hanson Park, Northam

Applicant: 3 Brannam Crescent, Roundswell

Proposal: Erection of 3 dwellings and substitution of house-type of Plot 8 to approved development at Appletree Gardens

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved but Members expressed concerns that the junction with Heywood Road is extremely dangerous and they would therefore like to see a restriction on all vehicles leaving Hanson Park being obliged to turn left with a mini roundabout installed at the bottom of Raleigh Hill or Northam Road.



Location: Village Green, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Torridge District Council

Proposal: Remediation works to Westward Ho! Village green. Landscaping to include paving, re-grading or site to form new levels, coastal planting and play provision

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved with full support from Northam Town Council.



Location: Appledore Methodist Church, Richmond Road, Appledore

Applicant: Rev David Morris

Proposal: Conversion of chapel to one unit of housing, demolition of other structures and provision of four units of further housing and works to provide new mews access

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be refused on the grounds of over intensification, overlooking, no parking provision, loss of existing car parking, impact on neighbours and the Council also noted that there is no mention of the fact that the application is within a conservation area.

Cllr Tisdale, as a member of Torridge Planning Committee, abstained.



Location: Plot 2 on land adjoining High Stacks, Raleigh Hill

Applicant: Mr C Dark

Proposal: Residential development for 4 no dwellings reserved matters application pursuant to planning permission 1/1276/2008/OUT

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved subject to reserved matters.



Location: Elizabethan Club, Merley Road, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Messrs G & R Braddick

Proposal: Alterations and extensions. Change of use of storerooms and alterations to form one additional flat

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved.


1007/205 Torridge District Council Application for Certificate of Lawful Development

Parish Notification Note: Not a planning application



Location: 10 Pelican Close, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr T Bissessar

Proposal: Front raised decking attached to residential dwelling house

It was resolved to note this application for a certificate of lawful development.


1007/206 Torridge District Council Planning Decisions

It was resolved to note that Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has APPROVED the following applications with conditions as filed:



Location: 5 Factory Ope

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Tomlinson

Proposal Proposed extension and alterations to dwelling

( Northam recommended refusal)



Location: Gemini, Goats Hill Road, Northam

Applicant: Mr Graham Andrews

Proposal: Entrance porch on north elevation

(Northam recommended refusal)


Location: 7 Orchard Hill, Northam

Applicant: Mr & Mrs T Higgins

Proposal: Proposed replacement of flat roof with pitched roof including rooms in the roof

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: Land adjacent to 21 North Street, Northam

Applicant: Mr & Mrs J Westlake

Proposal: Erection of dwelling

(Northam recommended approval)


Location: Magnolia Lodge, 3 Lenwood Road, Northam

Applicant: Mr & Mrs B Moore

Proposal: Erection of a greenhouse

(Northam recommended approval)




Location: 16 Myrtle Street, Appledore

Applicant: Mr N Cousins

Proposal: Loft conversion, internal alterations, single storey rear extension

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: Fantasy Island Amusements, Golf Links Road, Westward Ho!


Applicant: Mr Mark Rayner

Proposal: Provision of timber frame refreshment kiosk on existing forecourt

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: 1 Richmond Park, Northam

Applicant: Mr D Berkhauer

Proposal: Ground floor extension to rear of property and first floor roof extension

(Northam recommended approval)


Location: Kingston, Golf Links Road, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr A Reid

Proposal: First floor extension

(Northam recommended approval)


There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.32 pm