Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on Wednesday 23 rd February 2011 at the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Windmill Lane Northam at 6.00 pm


Present: Cllrs Hames (Chairman)

Mrs Collins, Edwards, Langton (Town Mayor), Osborne and Tisdale , Mrs Biggs, (arrived at Minute 1102/93 )

In Attendance: Mrs M J Mills, Town Clerk

Members of the public

1102/87 Chairman's announcements

There were no Chairman's announcements.

1102/88 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr Mrs Boyle


1102/89 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests should be declared prior to the item being discussed.


1102/90 To agree agenda as published

It was resolved to agree the Agenda as published.


1102/91 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Planning meeting held 26 th January

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held 26 th January 2011 as a correct record.


1102/92 Public Participation

It was noted that Members of the public are permitted to make representations, answer questions and give evidence in respect of any item of business included in the agenda. Each member of the public is entitled to speak once only in respect of business itemised on the agenda and shall not speak for more than 3 minutes. The period of time which is designated for public participation in accordance with standing orders shall not exceed 15 minutes.


1102/93 Torridge District Council Planning Applications:

Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has asked for comments from this Town Council on the following planning applications: -

It was formally noted that participation of the Councillors who are also members of Torridge District Council in both the debate and subsequent vote (in respect of any of the applications below, were preliminary taking account of the information matters) was on the basis that the views expressed made available at the time to the Town Council. The District Councillors were reserving their final views on the applications until they were in full possession of all the relevant arguments for and against.



Location: Roslyn Gardens Caravan Park, Merley Road, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Maxam Property (Westward Ho! Ltd)

Proposal: Extension of time of planning permission 1/0548/2002 Residential development DEPARTURE FROM DEVELOPMENT PLAN

Cllr Tisdale declared a personal interest and advised that he has called this application in.


It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be refused on the same grounds as previously i.e. Recommend Refusal for the reasons given by the District Council in their refusal of the previous application. The changes on this new application seem to be largely cosmetic and the developer has not addressed the issues raised by the District Council's Plans Committee when considering the previous application. Important that any developer is required to comply with and meet the requirements of the designation of the area in relation to coastal preservation, nature conservation, important wildlife corridor and AONB. Policies ENV5, ENV6, ENV9 of the TDC Local Plan would seem to apply as would policies CO4 and CO5 of the Devon Structure Plan.

Also the design is not compatible with the street scene and Northam Town Council considers that this is sufficient reason to refuse an extension of time.



Location: Chircombe Cottage, Chircombe Lane, Northam

Applicant: Mr B Mitchell

Proposal: Erection of pre-built wooden single storey garage/shed/workshop

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved subject to the use of the workshop being restricted i.e. non commercial use as the area is residential.



Location: Orchard Way, Glengarth Close, Northam

Applicant: Mr M Stevenson

Proposal: Rear extension

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that we need to be in receipt of new plans presented in a professional manner as it is difficult to make comment with insufficient information.



Location: 48 Windmill Lane, Northam

Applicant: Mr E Cann

Proposal: Proposed rear and roof extension

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved subject to there being no adverse comments from neighbours.



Location: 10 Northdene, Orchard Hill

Applicant: Mr C Leather

Proposal: Removal of condition 2 of planning permission 1/1368/2007/COU

Cllr Tisdale declared a prejudicial interest and left the room for this item and Cllr Mrs Collins declared a personal interest.


Councillors were then advised that this application has been withdrawn and resolved to wait for the re-submission.

Cllr Tisdale then returned to the meeting.



Location: Orchard Paddock, Limers Lane, Northam

Applicant: Mr C Rogers

Proposal: Extensions to roof to provide first floor accommodation, extension to garage and provision of parking.

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved.


Location: 1 The Path, Appledore

Applicant: Mr R Davey

Proposal: New dormer windows to east elevations

Northam Town Council agreed that they could not determine a decision as the plans are inaccurate in relation to the second floor and do not show the dormer windows.


Cllr Mrs Biggs joined the meeting at this juncture.



Location: Elizabethan Club, Merley Road, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Messrs G & R Braddick

Proposal: Alterations and extensions amended material to north elevation

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be approved.


1102/94 Torridge District Council Planning Decisions

It was resolved to note that Torridge District Council, the determining Authority,

has APPROVED the following applications with conditions as filed:


Location: St Helens Bungalow, Heywood Road, Northam

Applicant: Mr D Sparrey

Proposal: Single storey bedroom extension affecting a public right of way

(Northam recommended approval subject to safeguarding footpath)



Location: Flat 3, Kingsley Flatlets, 4 Kingsley Road, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Harris Properties Ltd

Proposal: Conversion of single 4 bedroom flat on first floor to 1 no 1 bed and 1 no 2 bed flat

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: 37 Lenwood Country Club, Lenwood Road, Northam

Applicant: Mr R Thorogood

Proposal: Variation of condition 3 or 1/0939/1986 to allow for 12 month holiday occupancy

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: 15 Churchill Way, Northam

Applicant: Mr S Watts

Proposal: Proposed extension

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: 10 Lenwood Country Club, Lenwood Road, Northam

Applicant: Mr S Murray

Proposal: Certificate of Lawful use: use of property for 12 months a year

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: Bay Trees, Fosketh Hill, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr R Badger and Mrs D Lythgoe

Proposal: Construction of first floor balcony and Juliet balcony

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: 20 Highfield, Northam

Applicant: Mr B Martin

Proposal: Bay window

(Northam recommended approval)


1102/95 Torridge District Council Notice of withdrawn applications

It was resolved to note that Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has notified that the following applications have been withdrawn:



Location: Sea Spray Annexe, Jubilee Road, Appledore

Applicant: Mr & Mrs R Lane

Proposal: Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of new dwelling



Location: High Stones, Cornborough Road, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr E Edwards

Proposal: Two Storey extension


1102/96 Notice of Appeal

Torridge District Council, the determining Authority has advised the following Notice of Appeal


Appeal Ref: APP/W1145/A/10/2141832/NWF

Location: Richmond Dock, Newquay Street, Appledore

Proposal: Residential development comprising 24 flats, community building, repair works to dock, gates and surrounding area.

Appellants Name: Simon Maunder

Appeal Start Date: 25 th January 2011

The appeal is to be on the basis of a public local inquiry date and venue to be determined. Representations can be sent direct to the Planning Inspectorate.


It was resolved to write to the Planning Inspectorate reiterating our previous comments.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 6.35 pm