Minutes of a meeting of the Town Projects Advisory Committee held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 12 th May 2009


PRESENT: Chairman - Cllr R W A Miller

Members - Cllrs Mrs M Cox, P Hames, R H Osborne

Other Councillors in attendance Mrs S Collins and C Langton

Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllrs B M Edwards.

1. Minutes of the Town Projects Advisory Committee held 20 th January 2009

The minutes of the Town Projects Committee held on 20 th January 2009 were approved and signed.

(Vote: Unanimous)

Cllr Langton reported that he continued to research the possibilities of cleaning the War Memorial and advised that one of the troughs at the base of the Memorial was broken.

2. To consider the matters arising from the Minutes of the Special Council meeting held with the Devon County Council Highways Officers on 9 th April 2009

It was noted that Devon County Council should be reporting back on a number of the issues raised and it was agreed to consider this at the next meeting. Of major concern was access and egress from the parish of Northam should there be a serious problem on the A386. It was agreed to put this to the County Council in due course.

3. Hanging Baskets

The Chairman provided samples of two hanging baskets, one in a plastic container priced at £8.26 and another in a wicker basket priced at £16.51. It was agreed to recommend that the Council purchases 25 of each, a total of £619.50.

4. Road Safety

It was reported that the Police were carrying out speed monitoring and it would be necessary to follow this up in due course.

Cllr Hames joined the meeting at this juncture.

5. Provision of litter and dog bins

Cllr Hames reported that he thought the litter bin removed from outside the Council Offices should be replaced. It was agreed that a better site would be adjacent to the bus shelter on the opposite of the main road.

With respect to additional bins, both litter and dog, it was requested that Members come forward at the next meeting with a list of locations. The Westward Ho! Residents' Association have supplied ideas for Westward Ho! and these would be considered at the next meeting with other requests.

6. Anchor Park

Cllr Hames reported on a number of issues with regard to the park that needed attention and these included the fencing, gate, seats and wet pour surfacing in the play area. Attention was also required to the retaining wall, the property of the County Council. It was agreed to recommend that the necessary works be undertaken to meet Health and Safety requirements and that a meeting be arranged on site with Appledore Councillors.

7. Street Cleaning

It was generally agreed that the provision by the Town Council of hand sweeping facilities within Northam Village had been successful and appreciated by the residents. It was questioned whether the sweeper could extend his beat to include other areas and this was resisted in order not to dilute the current service. It was agreed that if there are other areas of concern, outside of the central core, then these be reported directly to Martyn James at Torridge District Services.

8. Allotments Tadworthy Road

Cllr Mrs Cox thought the Council should consider other areas of land for allotments, due to the current high demand, with approximately 75 on the waiting list. It was recognised that the Burrough Farm site would cater for about 30 and therefore additional sites could be valuable. She advised that the District Council land at Tadworthy was let on an agricultural tenancy but that the tenant could be receptive to releasing some of the land for allotments. It was agreed that Cllr Mrs Cox would investigate further with the District Council and report back.

9. Enhancing Northam gateway

Cllr Hames advised that he thought the stretch of road from Northam Hall and down to the library, i.e. the entrance to Northam village, could do with enhancing by sorting out the existing shrub beds and dealing with the former bus shelter site outside the hall. There was also concern about the area around the library. Cllr Mrs Cox and

Cllr Hames agreed to work up a scheme and to have a site meeting.

10. Local Community Partnership

The Chairman advised that following the presentation by Mr Harris of the District Council it had been agreed to appoint a sub committee to meet with Mr Harris with a view to taking this initiative further. It was agreed to nominate Cllrs Edwards, Hames, Miller and Osborne.

11. Any other matters

llr Mrs Cox reported that the Hanson Park woods were now subject to a Woodland Tree Preservation Order and the main part is in the ownership of Devon County Council but there were sections in the ownership of the developer and it would be necessary to have these designated as open space.