Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council's Planning/ Licensing Committee held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 30 th October 2007.


PRESENT: Chairman - Cllr C K Langton

Members - Cllrs Mrs P Biggs, Mrs A J Boyle, Mrs S G Collins, Mrs M Cox, A Eastman, B M Edwards, P Hames, R J Johnson, R W A Miller, R H Osborne, S Robinson, R M M Tisdale

1. Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of the Town Council's Planning/Licensing Committee held 17 th October 2007 were approved and signed.

(Vote: Unanimous)

Councillor Robinson made the following statement:-

“As both a Town and District Councillor I wish to make it clear that I will reconsider the matter(s) at the District level, taking into account all relevant evidence and representations at the District Council's Plans committee”.

2. Planning applications

1174/07 Proposed conservatory - 18 Wren Close, Northam – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

1197/07 Proposed erection of 14 detached two-storey dwellings, new access road and associated works - Land off Hanson Park – RESOLVED - Recommend Refusal – Concerned about the increase in traffic entering and leaving the Hanson Park junction with Heywood Road. Site previously identified as amenity land and it forms an important open space in this area. If development is to proceed concern expressed that the site density is too low. Is the developer purposely avoiding providing affordable homes?

(Vote: Unanimous)

1199/07 Full planning application for the erection of a new house and replacement garage - Land at Lenards Road, Northam (garden of 35 Fore Street) – RESOLVED - Recommend Refusal – This appears to be a poor design and not in keeping with the conservation area. Too much of a tight squeeze which results in the loss of a parking space off the road for the adjoining property.

(Vote: Unanimous)

Cllr Mrs Cox joined the meeting at this juncture.

1213/07 Proposed Installation of pumped rising main to connect sewage outfall from approved close care residential development to South West Water public sewer. Kenwith Castle Retirement Residence – RESOLVED -

Recommend approval but concerned on how it will affect an overloaded sewerage and sewage disposal system.

Vote: Unanimous)

1218/07 Proposed amended scheme to approval 519/07 to a single storey extension to the side and rear of the existing property - 31 Windmill Lane, Northam – RESOLVED - Recommend Refusal – Concerned about overlooking and site visit required. If it transpires that works undertaken by the applicant are in breach of the consent the Council would wish to see enforcement action carried out quickly.

Cllrs Mrs Cox, Johnson and Robinson advised that they had been lobbied about this application.

(Vote: 12 For, 1 Abstention)

3. Town and Country Planning general Regulations 1992 – Regulation 3 – Retention of temporary units used as classrooms, nursery and community room for period of 5 years, at Appledore CP School, Richmond Road, Appledore, EX39 1PF – RESOLVED – Recommend approval but disappointed that the temporary arrangements have to continue whereas what is required is a permanent solution, better use of Section 106 Agreements with developers is required.

(Vote: Unanimous)