Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council's Planning/ Licensing Committee held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Wednesday 27th August 2008


PRESENT: Chairman - Cllr C K Langton

Members - Cllrs Mrs A Boyle, Mrs S Collins, Mrs M Cox, J Braund, A Eastman, B M Edwards, P Hames, R Johnson, R H Osborne, S Robinson, R M M Tisdale together with 4 parishioners

Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllr R W A Miller

1. Minutes

The minutes of the Town Council's Planning/Licensing Committee held 29 th July 2008 were approved and signed.

(Vote: Unanimous)

Cllrs Mrs Cox and Robinson made the following statement:-

“As both a Town and District Councillor I wish to make it clear that I will reconsider the matter(s) at the District level, taking into account all relevant evidence and representations at the District Council's Plans Committee.”

2. Planning applications

0589/08 Retrospective application - 7 Pelican Close, Westward Ho! – Wooden balcony – RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0761/08 Proposed erection of conservatory to the rear to replace existing – 29 Staddon Road, Appledore – RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0791/08 Proposed conversion of existing building to create an additional four flats – amended scheme – former Gaiety Cinema, Irsha Street, Appledore – RESOLVED - Recommend refusal. Council concerned that the statements made in the application are not true; there are inaccuracies in the drawings. They would support the report submitted by local architect Clive Jones.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0798/08 Proposed erection of 11 new dwellings, Ennisfarne, Merley Road, Westward Ho! – RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: 10 For; 2 abst)

0812/08 Proposed re-opening of existing redundant access – Follyfoot Manor, Sandymere Road, Northam – RESOLVED - Recommend approval. Members would like to remind the District Council that there are other outstanding conditions attached to the planning consent for this property particularly in relation to landscaping. Can they please have a response as to what the District Council intends?

(Vote: 11 For; 1 abst)

Cllr Eastman left the meeting at this juncture.

0836/08 Proposed new upvc conservatory at the rear of the property – 55 Benson Drive, Northam – RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0845/08 Proposed single storey rear extension (sun room) – Coppins, Glengarth Close, Northam – RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0846/08 Proposed extension to the side/rear of the existing property – 7 Silver Street, Appledore – RESOLVED - Recommend approval but would ask the Development Control Officers to look at the possible loss of light for the building opposite the proposal.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0864/08 Proposed balcony at the rear – 10 Kenwith Road, Raleigh – RESOLVED – Recommend refusal – overlooking neighbours' gardens.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0865/08 Proposed seasonal perimeter protection net – Cricket Club, Golf Links Road, Westward Ho! – RESOLVED - Recommend approval but would question why the cricket club needed to make a planning application for a temporary fence.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0873/08 Proposed alterations and extensions – The Marriott, Durrant Lane, Northam – RESOLVED - Recommend approval but would like to see policies ENV7 and RE5 invoked.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0880/08 Proposed alterations to roof – 9 North Street, Northam – RESOLVED - Recommend approval if Conservation Officer satisfied.

(Vote: Unanimous)

0883/08 Proposed 1 fascia sign and 1 double sided hanging sign – Co-op Food 0916/08 Store, 4 The Quay, Appledore – RESOLVED - Recommend refusal. The fascia sign is acceptable but Council concerned about the projecting sign which would set a precedent along The Quay.

(Vote: Unanimous)

3. Arqiva Transmitting Station – Bay View Road

Members noted the correspondence from Arqiva with regard to the proposals for additional equipment.

4. Draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the South West 2006 to 2026

Members expressed concern that the proposed changes to the Regional Spatial Strategy would result in an increase in dwellings from 4,800 to 10,700. They expressed concern that the infrastructure was currently inadequate to deal with such a large increase and that there would be severe environmental impacts. A response needs to be made by 17 th October and it was agreed that Councillors Mrs Boyle, Mrs Cox and Hames would put together notes for the September Planning meeting.