Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council's Planning/ Licensing Committee held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 29th May 2007


Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council's Planning/ Licensing Committee held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 29th May 2007


PRESENT: Chairman   -      Cllr C K Langton

                        Members   -    Cllrs Mrs A J Boyle, Mrs S G Collins, Mrs M Cox, J Braund,

A Eastman, B M Edwards, P Hames, R J Johnson, R W A Miller,

R H Osborne, S R Robinson

together with 3 Parishioners


1.      Minutes


The minutes of the meeting of the Town Council's Planning/Licensing Committee held 16th May 2007, as amended, were approved and signed.

           (Vote: Unanimous)

Cllr Eastman joined the meeting at this juncture.

2.      Vice Chairman for Planning

          Cllr Langton asked the Members whether they considered it appropriate to appoint a Vice Chairman for Planning.  There was general agreement that this was the sensible thing to do and it was RESOLVED to appoint Cllr Mrs Cox as Vice Chairman.

           (Vote: Unanimous)


3.      0402/07    Proposed erection of attached single garage - 9 Benson Drive, Northam – RESOLVED – Recommend Approval.

          (Vote: Unanimous)

           0417/07    Amendments to approved design for dwelling -  Land adjacent to

Wayneflete, Chope Road, Northam – RESOLVED – Recommend approval. 

                             (Vote: 9 For, 2 abstentions)


          0453/07    Proposed replacement ground floor dining room extension –

1 St Margaret's Court, Lakenham Hill – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                             (Vote: Unanimous)


          0458/07    Proposed extension - 11 Windmill Lane, Northam – RESOLVED –

                             Recommend approval.


Cllr Miller declared a personal interest in this item and abstained from voting.


                             (Vote 10 For, 1 abst)


           0460/07   Proposed erection of one dwelling - Folly House, Robins Hill,

Raleigh Hill – RESOLVED – Recommend Refusal – The layout would result in a house being built in a front garden and the loss of a large sycamore tree which is subject to a Tree Preservation Order – this is not mentioned by the applicant.  The access is also difficult and would be unsafe.


(Vote: Unanimous)


          0464/07    Proposed construction of new dwelling - Briarlea, Hilltop Road –

RESOLVED – Recommend Refusal – Inappropriate layout with the footprint of the proposed building being too large for the site resulting in over intensive development.  The access is also on the junction.


                             (Vote: Unanimous)


          0476/07    Proposed erection of 30 metres of 3m high ball stop fence -

Lords Meadow Play area – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


(Vote: Unanimous)             


          0482/07    Display of commemorative column and plaque - Nelsons Mews,

Nelson Road – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                             (Vote: Unanimous)


          0483/07    Proposed garage extension - 4 Broadlands, Northam  – RESOLVED –

                             Recommend approval.


Cllr Langton declared a personal interest in this item and abstained from voting.


                             (Vote: 10 For 1 abst)


          0495/07    Proposed conservatory to the side elevation - Highlands, Pitt Hill,

Appledore – RESOLVED - Recommend No objection if neighbours happy.


                             (Vote: Unanimous)


          0499/07    Change of use of concrete hardstanding to site for refreshment trailer -

The Slipway, Westbourne Terrace – RESOLVED – Recommend Refusal – Council was concerned about the lack of information that accompanied this application.  It was generally felt that this proposal was out of kilter with the Westward Ho! Plan.  There was probably insufficient space and it impedes the vista of the beach. 


                             (Vote: 8 For, 3 abst)


          0508/07    Erection of a bungalow with parking and revised access/parking/turning.

Land at Bellaire, Buckleigh Road – RESOLVED – Recommend Refusal – Backland development which will affect neighbours and play area with the access to the new dwelling passing close to the play area.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Johnson joined the meeting at this juncture.



0519/07    Proposed single storey extensions to side and rear of existing property.

31 Windmill Lane, Northam – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                             (Vote: Unanimous)


          0525/07    Certificate of Lawfulness - 20 Lenwood Country Club - RESOLVED –

                             Nothing known.


                             (Vote: Unanimous)


          0539/07    Proposed dwelling, garage and improved access arrangements. 20 Bay

View Road, Northam – RESOLVED – Recommend Refusal - Very narrow access coming out opposite Fairlea Crescent.  Site too small resulting in over development and backland development.


(Vote: Unanimous)


          0554/07    Proposed single storey extension - 552 Kingsley Park, Westward Ho! –

                             RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                             (Vote: Unanimous)


4.      Draft Climate Change Bill


Cllrs Mrs Cox and Hames reported on the consultation currently being undertaken by the Government on the Draft Climate Change Bill.  The deadline for responses was 12th June.  Of twenty questions being highlighted by DEFRA the Councillors recommended responses to questions 1, 2 and 3 as follows:-


Question 1 in the consultation is:  Is the Government right to set unilaterally a long term legal target for reducing CO2 emissions through domestic and international action by 60% by 2050 and a further interim legal target for 2020 of 25-32%?

Suggested response: The 60% target was based on the best available science seven years ago.  It was based on what the UK would have to do if all countries made their fair share of the cuts needed to keep carbon dioxide concentrations below 550 parts per million (ppm) in the atmosphere.  They believed this would stop global temperatures rising by more than 2ºC, the ‘danger limit' recognised by European governments including the UK.

However, since then, research has suggested that at 550ppm we would be very likely to exceed the 2ºC limit, and therefore cuts of at least 80% to 400-450ppm would be needed by 2050, i.e. cuts in emissions of at least 3% per year.  Recently the front page of the Times stated research showing that the oceans are less able to absorb CO2 now.

Question 2: Is the government right to keep under review the question of moving to a broader system of greenhouse gas targets and budgets, and to maintain the focus at this stage on CO2?

Suggested response:  Keeping the focus on CO2 at this stage is sensible – but all sources of CO2 should be counted.  Therefore emissions from international aviation and shipping should be included.  Methane emissions need to be checked too as it is a more potent greenhouse gas.

Questions 3: Should the UK move to a system of carbon management based upon statutory 5-year carbon budgets set in secondary legislation?

Suggested response: 5-year budgets are too long, as they will allow successive governments to blame each other.  Annual targets should be incorporated into the 5-year budget approach.

It was RESOLVED to respond to the consultation as recommended by Cllrs Mrs Cox and Hames.

(Vote: Unanimous)


5.      DAWN Regeneration and Design Strategy

The Town Clerk circulated copies of the report and advised that the District Council was now looking for a response by mid June.  It was agreed and RESOLVED that Councillors from the wards of Appledore, Northam and Westward Ho! would consider the individual reports for their area and report back to the next Planning meeting on 13th June when a co-ordinated response to the District Council would be arrived at.

(Vote: Unanimous)