Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council’s Planning/ Licensing Committee held in the

Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam Tuesday 13th June 2006


PRESENT:     Chairman   -    Town Mayor – Cllr K A Lane

                        Members   -    Cllrs Mrs M M Cox, Mrs S A Mounce, A Barnes,

R D Bradford MBE, E. J Davies, A Eastman, P Hames,

R W A Miller, P Waters, R Tisdale

                        together with 9 parishioners


Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllr A Eastwood OBE


1.         Minutes


The minutes of the meeting of the Town Council’s Planning/Licensing Committee held 30th May 2006 were approved and signed.


(Vote: Unanimous)


2.         Local Plan


Cllr Barnes gave an overview of the Working Party’s report on the Local Plan.  This was a new venture for the Town Council following a concept initiated by the Government and many Parish Councils in Devon either had, or were producing, their Parish Plans.  It was intended that the Plan would be a living document which would be reviewed at least annually. 


Cllr Mrs Cox presented the Environmental Statement with some amendments and these were accepted.


Cllr Miller reported on the Village Design aspect of the Plan and again these were supported. 


Mrs Jackie Avery from the Appledore Residents’ Association reported on Appledore within the Village Design Statement.  Discussions led to the consideration of a multi use games area at Anchor Park and the need for Appledore Shipbuilders’ site to remain as a business/industrial area should the shipyard work disappear.  There was also a proposal to establish the eco climate environmental impact of the parish and to use Appledore as an exercise as its boundaries were well defined.  Again it was agreed that these should be incorporated into the Plan. 


Cllr Tisdale reported on Westward Ho! and advised that the emphasis was on retaining the character of the settlement with the object of improving the quality of life for those who live there. 


Cllr Miller reported on the Roads and Transport section of the Plan and there was a general debate on the problems associated with car parking, vehicle speeds and clear access. 


Cllr Miller reported on the Community Safety and he asked the Residents’ Associations to report back to the Council on their views on CCTV.  Cllr Mrs Cox and Cllr Hames raised concerns with CCTV in certain situations and emphasised that there needed to be a balance between the need to reduce crime and people’s privacy. 


Cllr Barnes reported on the Housing and in particular the need for affordable homes and there was general support for the proposal that monies raised from 106 Agreements (developer contributions) should be ring fenced. 


Cllr Barnes also reported on Children and Young People.  He was hopeful that a Youth Forum for Northam would be established.  Cllr Miller reported on Northam Burrows. 

Cllr Davies reported on the Sport and Leisure.


It was RESOLVED to accept the Local Plan with the amendments discussed and to produce a final document and to circulate it, the object being to influence the District Council in their work in putting the Local Development Framework together.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Members extended a vote of thanks to Cllr Barnes and Cllr Miller for their work in producing this Plan.


3.         Local Development Framework Core Strategy


Members considered a detailed report put together by Cllr Hames and it was RESOLVED to accept this as the Town Council’s response to the District Council’s consultation.


(Vote: Unanimous)


4.         South West Regional Assembly – consultation on the draft Regional Spatial Strategy for the South - West 2006 to 2026


Members undertook to consider this consultation document and report back to a future meeting of the Council in time for the response deadline.


Cllr Mrs Mounce left the meeting at this juncture.


5.         Reserved Matters Planning Application for land at Belaire, Buckleigh Road, Westward Ho!


Members noted the developers’ intentions and would be considering the application at the next planning meeting.


Cllr Tisdale left the meeting at this juncture.


6.         Planning applications


0720/06           Proposed new dwelling -The Boatyard, Myrtle Street, Appledore –

RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


Cllr Eastman declared a prejudicial interest and left the meeting for this item.


(Vote:  7 For, 1 Abst)


1070/06           Proposed erection of a conservatory – 539 Kingsley Park, Westward Ho! – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


(Vote: Unanimous)


1094/06           Proposed new roof with steeper pitch with front and rear dormer windows incorporating bedrooms and shower room – 19 Century Drive –

RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


(Vote: Unanimous)


1112/06           Proposed extension, loft conversion and single garage/store – Southview, Long Lane, Appledore – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


(Vote: Unanimous)


1129/06           Proposed demolition of existing dwelling with structural faults due to subsidence and re-development with 2 no detached dwellings with integral garages and parking forecourt – Two Rivers, Torridge Road, Appledore – RESOLVED – Recommend a site visit and carefully scrutinise what is proposed to ensure it can actually be achieved.


                                    (Vote: Unanimous)


            1130/06           Proposed two storey extension to side of existing house – 20 Dudley

Way, Westward Ho! – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


(Vote: Unanimous)


1131/06           Proposed listed building application for internal and external alterations  – 48 Irsha Street – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


(Vote: Unanimous)


1164/06           Proposed first floor extension – 92 JH Taylor Drive – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


(Vote: Unanimous)