Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council’s Planning/ Licensing Committee held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 31st January 2006


PRESENT:     Chairman   -    Deputy Town Mayor  – Cllr K A Lane

                         Members   -  Cllrs Mrs M M Cox, L Ford, R W A Miller, R Tisdale


Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllr P Waters.


1.         Minutes


The minutes of the meeting of the Town Council’s Planning/Licensing Committee held 18th January 2006 were approved and signed.


(Vote: Unanimous)


2.         Planning applications


            2474/05           Proposed erection of single detached dwelling - Site adjacent to

Woodthorpe, Chope Road, Northam – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


(Vote: Unanimous)


            0010/06           Proposed 8 starter home apartments (3 storeys) Land at Hubbastone

Road, Appledore – OS No 112 –RESOLVED - Recommend approval with reservations about the height of the buildings and the lack of landscaping as required by policy DVT7.  Essential that these properties are controlled so as to be affordable, low cost homes in the long term and essential that their construction is fully compliant with the demands of sustainable construction.   Council would reiterate the importance of ensuring that these properties are not built for one purpose, i.e. low cost affordable homes only in a few years time to end up as holiday homes. 

(Vote: 4 For, 1 abst)

Cllr Ford declared a personal interest and did not vote.


            0012/06           Proposed new detached 2 storey dwelling and alterations to existing

highway boundary to provide improved visibility. 98 Bay View Road, Northam – RESOLVED - Recommend approval subject to footpath being provided to Bay View Road and that trees on the escarpment are protected.  It is noted that the applicant claims to own the land beyond the boundary of the garden.


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


            0048/06           Proposed residential development (3 dwellings and landscape

area) - Land east of Glenrowan, Orchard Hill – RESOLVED - Recommend approval subject to the design being in the style, character and appearance of the neighbourhood.


(Vote: Unanimous) 


0096/06           Proposed first floor extension over existing garage. 33 Benson Drive, Northam – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


3.         Letter from District Council in respect of planning policies


Cllr Tisdale declared a prejudicial interest and left the meeting.


Council considered a letter from the District Council’s Chairman of the Scrutiny 2 Committee who are looking in depth at some of the District Council’s planning policies, in particular the possibility of relaxation to enable local needs affordable housing.  Council were concerned that it was essential, when dealing with planning matters, that the application of the rules has to be consistent and Cllr Ford gave an example of a situation where the three week rule on calling in applications had been ignored.  It was RESOLVED to advise the District Council that this Council would accept a relaxation/change to the policies for small, properly verified affordable homes where there is a substantial gain for the community and each case to be considered on its merits.  With regard to the Bideford/Northam area it is thought that there are sufficient brownfield sites to meet these needs.  Council would also make the comment that there has to be consistency in the application of the rules and they were concerned to learn that the three-week rule, whereby Councillors are allowed to call in an application, is not being adhered to.   

            (Vote: Unanimous) 

Cllr Tisdale rejoined the meeting at this juncture.  

4.         Hinks’ Boatyard 

Members considered a letter from Land and Water Estates Ltd in connection with this Council’s recommendation to refuse their planning application.  It was RESOLVED to reply to the effect that the Council were not opposed to appropriate development of the site.  They would have no objection and indeed would welcome the construction of a boat shed and would find it acceptable for residential property with the same footprint as the existing dwelling, tied to the use of the boat shed. 

(Vote: Unanimous)