Minutes of the Planning Meeting held on Wednesday 12 th May 2010 at the Council Chamber Council Offices Windmill Lane Northam

Present: Cllrs Mrs Boyle (Chairman), Mrs Biggs, Mrs Collins, Mrs Cox, Eastman, Edwards, Hames, Johnson, Langton, Osborne, Robinson and Tisdale

In Attendance : Mrs Jane Mills, Town Clerk

1005/07 Chairman's announcements

There were no announcements

1005/08 Apologies

There were no apologies


1005/09 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests should be declared prior to the item being discussed


1005/10 To agree agenda as published

It was resolved to agree the Agenda as published.


1005/11 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Planning meeting held 5 th May 2010

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting as a correct record. There were four abstentions by Councillors not present at the meeting

1005/12 Torridge District Council Planning Applications:

Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has asked for comments from this Town Council on the following planning applications: -


It was formally noted that participation of the Councillors who are also members of Torridge District Council in both the debate and subsequent vote (in respect of any of the applications below, were preliminary taking account of the information matters) was on the basis that the views expressed made available at the time to the Town Council. The District Councillors were reserving their final views on the applications until they were in full possession of all the relevant arguments for and against.



Location: Woodstock, 1 Glenfield Road, Orchard Hill

Applicant: Mrs Patricia Moores

Proposal: Proposed 2 bed dwelling and garage and repositioning of existing garage

All members declared a personal interest as the applicant is

known to them.

It was resolved to write to Torridge advising that this application has been noted



Location: Chircombe House, Chircombe Lane, Northam

Applicant: Mr Daniel Shears

Proposal: Erection of four detached dwellings together with private access and associated works

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be REFUSED on the grounds that this is


overdevelopment in a small curtilage. It would have major visual impact on a sensitive site within Coastal Preservation Area. There was concern about trees within the curtilage.The Council was concerned that an outline application

was made as this does not give sufficient information to enable assessment of design and all aspects of the application.

It was further resolved to write to the Conservation Officer asking whether or not this property is a listed building. If the property is not listed Northam Town Council would ask for this to happen, as the property is of great significance in the area.




Location: Richmond Dock, Newquay Street, Appledore

Applicant: Mr Simon Maunder

Proposal: Residential development comprising 24 flats, community building repair works to dock, gates and surrounding area.

It was resolved to defer consideration of this item to a meeting on 19th May.



Location: 7 Orchard Hill, Northam

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Terry Higgins

Proposal: Proposed replacement of flat roof with pitched roof including rooms in the roof

It was resolved to recommend to Torridge District Council that this application be APPROVED


1005/13 It was resolved to note that Torridge District Council, the determining Authority, has APPROVED the following applications with conditions as filed:



Location: 90 Bay View Road, Northam

Applicant: Environ Communities Ltd

Proposal: Replacement of large house with 6 two-bedroom apartments

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: Old Coastguard, The Lifeboat Slip, Appledore

Applicant: Mrs Pat Milner

Proposal: Proposed ground floor balcony to north elevation

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: Ferndale House, Atlantic Way, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr Phil Harris

Proposal: Conversion of garage to create a 2 bed flat (Flat 11)

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: Lemonbank, 99 Bay View Road, Northam

Applicant: Mr W McMullen

Proposal: Proposed extension and alterations to include roof raising

( Northam recommended approval)



Location: Hillcote West, First Raleigh

Applicant: Mrs Brauer

Proposal: Dwelling and parking areas

(Northam recommended approval)



Location: Hockings Dairy Cream Ices, Kingsley Avenue, Appledore

Applicant: Mr Geoffrey Hocking

Proposal: Replacement of corrugated cement fibre roof with corrugated steel roof covering

(Northam recommended approval)


Location: 91 Atlantic Way, Westward Ho!

Applicant: Mr & Mrs J Conner

Proposal: Demolition of single storey extension and construction of two storey extension it its place and internal alterations

(Northam recommended refusal)



Location: Royal Hotel, Bude Street, Appledore

Applicant: Mr M Davis

Proposal: Internal modifications to the main bar area

( Northam recommended approval)


1005/14 Torridge District Council Planning Decisions

It was resolved to note thatTorridge District Council, the determining Authority, has REFUSED the following applications:



Location: Little Orchard, 64 Cross Street, Northam

Applicant: Mr Russell Johnson

Proposal: Partial demolition and rebuild extension

(Northam recommended refusal)


Location: 19 Century Drive, Northam

Applicant: Mr & Mrs Unsworth

Proposal: Extension to dwelling (including garage extension) and provision of parking lay-by

(Northam recommended refusal)

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.00pm.