Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council's Planning/ Licensing Committee held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 28th October 2008


PRESENT: Chairman - Cllr C K Langton

Members - Cllrs Mrs S Collins, Mrs M Cox, A Eastman, B M Edwards, P Hames, R H Osborne, R Tisdale

together with 1 parishioner

Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllrs Mrs P Biggs, Mrs A Boyle, R J Johnson, R W A Miller and S Robinson

1. Minutes

The minutes of the Town Council's Planning/Licensing Committee held 15 th October 2008 were approved and signed.

(Vote: Unanimous)

2. Planning applications

0941/08 (Additional Details) Proposed Additional flat, fabric structures on village square and outside dining area. The Buccaneer, Bath Hotel Road, Westward Ho! RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: 6 For, 1 against)

1000/08 Proposed toilet block - The Village Square, Golf Links Road, Westward Ho! RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

1015/08 Proposed demolition of existing dwelling and erection of new dwelling - Tors Top, Cornborough Road, Westward Ho! RESOLVED - Recommend approval but garage needs to be moved back as part of this proposal.

(Vote: Unanimous)

1040/08 Proposed single storey dwelling - Paddock, rear of Gainsborough Drive, Westward Ho! RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: 6 For, 1 abst)

1053/08 Proposed change of use from go-kart track land to mini portable golf course (seasonal use) Go-Kart Track, Pebbleridge, Westward Ho! RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

1054/08 Proposed erection of two conservatories - Sunset House, 5A Mondeville Way, Northam RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

1061/08 Proposed replacement of substandard corrugated cement fibre roof with corrugated steel roof covering - Hockings Dairy Cream Ices, Kingsley Avenue, Appledore RESOLVED Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

1063/08 Proposed 2 single storey extensions and refurbishments - Cresta, Long Lane, Appledore RESOLVED - Recommend approval.

(Vote: Unanimous)

1070/08 Certificate of Lawfulness to use bungalow as dwelling 42 Richmond Park, Northam - RESOLVED - Noted

1076/08 Proposed development of plot to the rear of the site - Newbridge House, Heywood Road, Northam RESOLVED - Recommend Refusal Over intensive development; out of keeping with houses in immediate vicinity; dwelling too large for the plot. Concerned about the tree which would need to be replaced.

(Vote: Unanimous)

3. Decision Notices

0555/08 Sea Wall, Churchfields car park, Appledore Installation of a cast bronze bell on the seaward side of the sloping sea wall.

Members expressed concern that this application had received approval from the District Council but noted that it was a permission only for twelve months. It was RESOLVED to write to the District Council to ascertain how the bell was being funded.

(Vote: Unanimous)