Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council to consider planning applications and allied matters held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Wednesday 9th July 2003.



PRESENT:     Chairman   -     Town Mayor - Cllr A Barnes

Members - Cllrs Mrs M M Cox, Mrs S A Mounce,

J A Bell, R D Bradford MBE, E J Davies, A Eastman,

L Ford, P Sturges, Dr P Tamplin, T J Williams

                                                together with 5 Parishioners


Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllrs A Eastwood OBE and P Waters


1.         Minutes


The minutes of the meeting of the Town Council to consider planning applications and allied matters held 10th June 2003 were approved and signed.


2.         Matters arising


Min 3(c) – Northam Community Centre – It was reported that at a recent meeting of the District Council it was decided to carry out a full survey of the building and produce estimates for the cost of putting it in order.  The Town Mayor advised that he thought the Trustees and users of the building should be involved in discussions relating to the works and it was RESOLVED that the Town Clerk discuss the matter with the District Council’s Architect and Surveyor.


3.         Planning applications


            1075/03           Proposed relocation of agricultural access - Lower Strand Field,

Torridge Road, Appledore – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


1085/03           Proposed extension and conversion of part of existing garage to

provide conservatory plus new boundary wall - 36 Dudley Way, Cornborough Road – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


            1093/03           Proposed conservatory on front elevation of property - 16 Lundy

View, Northam  – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


1094/03           Proposed conservatory - 6 Adrian Close, Orchard Hill – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


1108/03           Proposed construction of car parking area - Parkham House, Orchard Hill – RESOLVED - Recommend refusal for the reasons given by the District Council on application 547/03.


1126/03           Proposed erection of conservatory -  Speenholm, Primrose Lane – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


1147/03           Proposed erection of a dwelling, garage and alterations to access - Part of 3 Atlantic Way, Westward Ho! – RESOLVED - Recommend refusal for reasons given on 1912/2000

(1) Would result in loss of amenity space for the flats;

(2) Unsuitable access onto a busy road;

(3) Insensitive to the Victorian building.

1159/03           Proposed conversion of existing garage to domestic use - Garage adjoining Foxhole Lane, Northam – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


1156/03           Proposed construction of new detached two storey dwelling with a basement and integral garage - Land to the west of Yonder Barton – 96 Bay View Road – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


1163/03           Proposed extension providing access to adjoining accommodation - Highbury, Highbury Hill, Northam – RESOLVED – to seek more information.


1164/03           Proposed loft conversion to existing bungalow to form bedrooms and toilet - Dalby, Glenburnie Road – RESOLVED - Recommend approval subject to overlooking not being a problem.


4.         Sewage discharge at Appledore


Councillor Eastman declared a personal interest in this item and did not take part in the debate.


Members re-considered the correspondence from the Environment Agency and South West Water in relation to this discharge.  It was RESOLVED to write to both parties to the effect that the Town Council expected the necessary works of connection of this toilet block to the main sewerage system to be carried out immediately and to lodge an objection to the discharge consent being sought by South West Water.


5.         Bathers Beware ICE Article


It was RESOLVED to forward this article to the Taw/Torridge Estuary Forum for their consideration.


6.         Community Strategy


The Town Clerk reported that he had received a copy of the Community Strategy and was being asked to complete the questionnaire.  It was RESOLVED to authorise the Town Clerk to complete the questionnaire and to send copies of the documents to the three residents’ associations requesting them to respond directly to the District Council.


7.         Land between the Moors


It was RESOLVED to nominate Cllr Bell to attend the special meeting and to authorise the payment of travelling cost at the agreed national rates.


8.         Oyster Cottage, Broad Lane


Members considered a letter from the owner of Oyster Cottage regarding the damage caused by vehicles.  The Council were sympathetic to the problem and RESOLVED to write to Devon County Council asking them to consider the options put forward by

Mrs Marshall with a view to coming up with a suitable solution.





9.         Parking problems in Bude Street, Appledore


Members considered a letter from Devon County Council putting forward ideas for dealing with the parking problem at the lower end of Bude Street by the Royal Hotel.  It was thought that until the views of the local residents were known it was not possible to put forward a preferred solution.  It was RESOLVED to request Devon County Council to consult with the local residents and the Residents’ Association with a view to coming to an agreed solution.


10.       Public Entertainment Licences


Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 – The Buccaneer [Dance and bar area], Westward Ho! – RESOLVED – No objection.