Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council to consider planning applications and allied matters held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Wednesday 12th January 2005


PRESENT:     Chairman   -     Town Mayor – Cllr L Ford

Members - Cllrs Mrs M M Cox, Mrs S A Mounce,

R D Bradford MBE, E J Davies, R W A Miller, P Sturges,

Dr P Tamplin, P Waters

together with 7 Parishioners                             


Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllrs A Barnes, J A Bell, A Eastman, A Eastwood OBE


1.         Minutes


The minutes of the meeting of the Town Council to consider planning applications and allied matters held 16th November 2004 were, with amendment to minute 2 with respect to the voting, approved and signed.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Sturges left the meeting whilst planning applications were being considered.


2.         Planning applications


2243/04           Proposed insertion of Velux window in rear roof, 17 Vernons Lane, Appledore – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


2292/04           Proposed first floor extension, 10 North Street, Northam – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


2333/04           Proposed alterations – stud wall added to convert dining area -  Flat 5, House 5 Kipling Terrace, Westward Ho! – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


2336/04           Proposed Outline application for three cottages. Land to west of 25 One End Street, Appledore – RESOLVED - Recommend Refusal –


(i)         Poor and limited access and certainly worse than the situation in Alpha Place where an application was refused on access grounds. 


(ii)        Concerns over foul and surface water drainage.  The foul sewers appear to be inadequate to cope and the surface water would add to that draining off the street to the end of Market Street. 


(iii)       The District Council’s conservation area appraisal extols the virtues of One End Street and it would be important not to spoil this with new buildings. 


(iv)       It is understood that there are trees on the site which would have to be felled.


(v)        The internal dimensions of the rooms are desperately tiny.


It was also RESOLVED to enclose copies of letters from Appledore Residents Association, Mr Arnold and an extract from a letter to the Gazette on January 12th.


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


2344/04           Proposed additional bedroom and indoor swimming pool – The Maples, Cleave Barton, Durrant Lane – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                        (Vote: 7 For, 1 Abst)


355/04             Proposed Outline application for dwelling and access. Land adjoining Rowan House, Fordlands Crescent – RESOLVED - Recommend a site visit.  Concerned there could be overlooking problems.


                                    (Vote: Unanimous)


2357/04           Proposed extensions to dwelling - Extensive internal alterations, extension to provide new lounge and balcony and a detached double garage - Bantry Bay, Pitt Lane, Appledore – RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                        (Cllr Waters declared an interest and left the meeting for this item).


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


2452/04           Proposed conservatory and first floor extension over existing utility to provide en-suite - Riverbank Cottage, Cleave, Northam – RESOLVED - Recommend refusal for the reasons given by the District Council on decision 1269/04 dated 9th August 2004.  The Council would request that this application be considered by the Plans Committee.


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


2478/04           Proposed erection of domestic double garage and workshop area - Seamew, Merley Road, Westward Ho! – RESOLVED – Recommend approval


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


2526/04           Proposed construction of first floor residential accommodation above the annexe, en-suite bathroom to master bedroom in tower extension and conservatory over garage -  Millstone, Limers Lane, Northam - RESOLVED – Recommend approval.


                        (Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Sturges re-joined at this juncture.


3.         Chanters Road – Residents Parking and Traffic Management


Members considered a letter from the County Council regarding the proposed residents parking scheme for Chanters Road.  It was RESOLVED to note it at this stage.


(Vote: Unanimous)


4.         Torridge District Council – Taxi Study


Members considered the letter from the consultants acting on behalf of the District

Council who were carrying out an assessment of taxi operations in the area.  It was

RESOLVED to respond to the effect that two spaces were required at Westward Ho!

which is understood to be the current situation and two taxi spaces in Bone Hill car park.


(Vote: Unanimous)


5.         Coast Path Improvement Project – Westward Ho!


            Members considered a letter from the County Council regarding the coast path improvement for Westward Ho!  It was RESOLVED to support the proposals and request that seats be provided at strategic points.


(Vote: Unanimous)