Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 26th September 2006


PRESENT:     Chairman       - Deputy Town Mayor – Cllr R W A Miller

    Members       - Cllrs Mrs S A Mounce, A Barnes, R D Bradford MBE,

           H Brading, E J Davies, A Eastman, P Hames, R M M Tisdale,

           P Waters    

           together with 6 Parishioners and 2 Officers of Devon &   

           Cornwall Constabulary


Apologies were recorded on behalf of the Town Mayor, Cllr K A Lane and Cllrs Mrs M Cox and

L Ford


1.         Minutes


The minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 26th July 2006 were approved and signed.


(Vote: Unanimous)


2.         Appointment of Town Councillor


            Members considered applications for the vacancy for Northam Ward from Mr Brading and Mr Braund.  It was RESOLVED to have a secret ballot.


(Vote: Unanimous)


The result of the ballot was that Mr Brading was co-opted by 4 votes to 3.


Cllr  Eastman declared a prejudicial interest and left the room for this item.

Cllr Waters declared a personal interest and did not vote.


On being co-opted Cllr Brading took his seat.


3.         Matters of report to/from Devon & Cornwall Constabulary


            PC Mike Tricker reported on the various crimes committed in the past month.  Sergeant Steve Gliddon advised the Members on reorganisation taking place which is likely to result in a reduction in the number of Police Constables but with new PCSOs being drafted in.  It would appear that Northam, Appledore, Westward Ho! and the rural area up to and including Hartland, will have one Police Officer and 2 PCSOs.


4.         Town Clerk’s Report


            (a) Allotments


            The Town Clerk advised that there were now 38 on the waiting list for an allotment and people were having to wait in excess of 3 years.  It was RESOLVED to consider this with other projects at the next Local Development Framework Advisory Committee meeting.


            (Vote: Unanimous)





(b) Removal of burnt out shed


The Town Clerk advised that he had now received 2 further quotes for the removal of the burnt out shed in the sums of £80 and £85 and it was RESOLVED to accept the lower price from C.R.A.P.P.


            (Vote: Unanimous)


            (c) Grants for 2007


            Members considered the advertisement for the grants for 2007 and it was RESOLVED to use the same procedure as that operated in 2006.


            (Vote: Unanimous)


            (d) Monthly Financial Report – The Town Clerk presented the monthly financial report that included payments for this month and it was RESOLVED to accept. 


(Vote: Unanimous)


With regard to the payment of £5,000 to the District Council it was RESOLVED to rescind the previous decision of the Council requiring a letter of confirmation from the District Council’s Chief Executive.


(Vote: 7 for, 2 against, 1 abst)


            The Town Clerk advised that the bus shelter at the top of Limers Lane had again had the glass broken.  It was RESOLVED not to replace the glass for the time being and to consider steel panels in the lower sections at a later date.


            (Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Eastman left the meeting at this juncture.


5.         Northam Burrows


            (a) Views about management


            Members considered a letter from English Nature and advice from the Burrows Committee.  It was considered that a report needed to be put together encompassing the points made as appropriate.  Cllr Miller volunteered to do this with the Chairman of the 1716 Committee and it was so RESOLVED.


            (Vote: Unanimous)


            It was RESOLVED to send a letter of thanks to Mrs Tucker for her comprehensive reply.


            (Vote: Unanimous)


            (b) Monthly Diary


            Members considered the monthly diaries for June, July and August from the 1716 Committee and it was RESOLVED to ask the District Council to place these on the



agenda for the next Burrows Committee meeting.


            (Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Barnes left the meeting at this juncture.


(c)        Fence at Westward Ho!


Members considered a request from the 1716 Committee to have the fence at Westward Ho! end of the pebbleridge repaired.  It was considered that this was a District Council responsibility and it was RESOLVED to write to the District Council to the effect that the Town Council would be agreeable to contribute to the costs of repair. 


(Vote: Unanimous)


(d)        Dog Bins


            The Town Clerk advised that additional bins were desirable on the Burrows and it was RESOLVED to consider this at the Local Development Framework Advisory meeting.


            (Vote: Unanimous)


(e)        Fence at Appledore Gate


The Town Clerk reported on a quotation to carry out further work at Appledore Gate fence.  It was RESOLVED to accept the quotation in the sum of £303 and then call a halt.


(Vote: Unanimous)


6.         Streetworks and related matters

            Members’ items


            Cllr Bradford MBE was concerned about the lack of street sweeping in Northam village.


            Cllr Mrs Mounce reported that the works on the corner of Orchard Hill were now in progress and this would result in a footway on that side of the road.


Cllr Tisdale reported that he continues to have complaints about traffic in Westward Ho! and it was RESOLVED to collate all the outstanding items referred to the County Council and ask Cllr Ford to investigate and report back.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Hames reported that the hedge between Churchill Way and the allotments needed trimming.  It was RESOLVED to write to the Church and the County Council. 


(Vote: Unanimous)


He also raised concerns about the operations of the slipway at Churchfields car park.  There appeared to be difficulties with regard to the lack of insurance by boat owners and parking of vehicles and trailers and the fee for launching.  It was RESOLVED to write to Cllr J Morrish Chairman of  the District Council’s E & L Committee.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Waters reported that the road nameplate at Marine Parade was still missing.  It was RESOLVED to contact the District Council


(Vote: Unanimous)


7.         Lily Close/Lilybridge


            Members considered letters from Peverel Management Services and Mr & Mrs Braund.  Standing Orders were suspended and Mr Braund was allowed to address the meeting.  He advised that with the new developments there were a lot of young families with children, there was no longer a Youth Group and generally the children had nothing else to do and he thought that problems were being stored up.  The Deputy Town Mayor advised that the Council were concerned for the youth of the area and were actively seeking solutions but that there would be no immediate resolution of the problem.


8.         Bideford Bay Surf Lifesaving Club


            Members considered a letter from the Bideford Bay Surf Lifesaving Club regarding their accommodation at Westward Ho!  There was substantial support for the Club and it was RESOLVED to write to the Club and to the District Council offering support.


            (Vote: Unanimous)