Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held in the Council Chamber,

Windmill Lane, Northam on Wednesday 29th March 2006


PRESENT:     Chairman       - Deputy Town Mayor – Cllr K A Lane,

 Members        - Cllrs Mrs M Cox, Mrs S A Mounce, A Barnes,

   R D Bradford MBE, P Hames, L Ford, R W A Miller,

   R M M Tisdale, P Waters    

                           together with PC Tricker, Devon and  

   Cornwall Constabulary and 2 Parishioners


Apologies were recorded on behalf of the Town Mayor, Cllr E J Davies, Cllrs A Eastman and A Eastwood OBE,


1.         Minutes


The minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 28th February were approved and signed.


(Vote: Unanimous)


2          Minutes


The minutes of the Special Meeting of the Council held on 15th March 2006 were approved and signed.


(Vote: Unanimous)


3.         Minutes


The minutes of the meeting with Geoffrey Cox MP held 22nd February 2006 were approved and signed.


(Vote: Unanimous)


4.         Northam Burrows Independent Report


            Members considered the desirabilityof commissioning an independent report which would consider all matters affecting Northam Burrows.  They were advised that Mrs Mary Breeds from Braunton had been involved with Braunton Burrows and it was thought that she may be able to assist with a report for Northam Burrows or at least give some advice.  It was RESOLVED to write to Mrs Breeds for more information as to her knowledge and interest and inviting her to a future meeting of the Council.


(Vote: Unanimous)


At this juncture Cllr Tisdale left the meeting. 


5.         Matters of report to/from Police Beat Manager


            PC Mike Tricker reported on crime figures for the month.


6.         Town Clerk’s Report 


Monthly Financial Report – The Town Clerk presented the monthly financial report that included payments for this month and it was RESOLVED to accept. 

            (Vote: Unanimous)

7.         CCTV


            Cllr Miller declared a personal interest in this item.


Members considered the timescale for calling a special meeting of the Council to further consider the provision of CCTV.  It was RESOLVED to hold a public meeting in approximately 6 weeks time on a Friday evening and to invite the public and residents’ associations.  The meeting to be advertised in the local press and the Town Clerk to discuss with interested parties the precise date for the meeting.


(Vote: Unanimous)


8.         Northam Burrows


(a) Over-grazing Northam Burrows 

Members considered the draft letter to be sent to the Rural Development Service.   It was RESOLVED to send the letter, amended to exclude the last sentence and giving the Water Germander as an example rather than the only plant at risk, to the Rural Development Service with a copy to Geoffrey Cox MP. 

(Vote: Unanimous)

(b) Members’ items 

Cllr Miller raised the ongoing concerns about the unsuitability of the grass for grazing on the great plain.  It was thought that if this grass was cut and taken away it would encourage the sheep and horses to graze the new growth.  It was RESOLVED to ask the Royal North Devon Golf Club for a price for carrying out the work.  The Town Clerk to define the area of the great plain on a plan with advice from the Burrows Ranger.


(Vote: 7 For, 1 Abst)


Cllr Miller further reported that radio controlled model cars were disturbing the livestock and he was particularly concerned that horses being ridden were being affected which could lead to serious injury to riders.  It was RESOLVED to write to Torridge District Council expressing the Council’s concern.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Waters expressed his concern about the ongoing erosion on the outside of the Burn at Appledore Bridge and the need for this to be monitored.  It was RESOLVED to write to

Mr P Davies at the District Council.


(Vote: Unanimous)


9.         Streetworks and related matters


            (a) Heywood Road Roundabout


Cllr Mrs Cox advised on the planting scheme for the Heywood Road roundabout.  It was RESOLVED to enter into a licence with the Highway Authority at a cost of £160 and Cllr Mrs Cox undertook to report back at a later date on the details and costs of the scheme.


(Vote: Unanimous)

(b) Members’ items


Cllr Miller raised the problem of the cars parking in Northam Square outside the former Butcher’s shop.  Cllr Ford undertook to take this up with the Torrington Office and the Town Clerk would write again. 


Members further considered the problems of parking on footways and it was RESOLVED to write to the District Council and ask them to consider implementing a byelaw so as to make this practice illegal.


(Vote: 7 For, 1 Against)


Cllr Mrs Mounce reported on the problems at St Mary’s School since the introduction of the No Waiting Order and the District Council’s decision to close the cattle market car park to the public.  It was RESOLVED to write a letter to both the District Council and the County Council with the object of seeking a compromise solution in the interests of the School.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Waters reported that no action had been taken about the top rail in the Churchfields car park which is still missing, Staddon Road nameplate still on the ground and at West Appledore by the Prince of Wales public house the sea wall needed attention.  It was RESOLVED to write to the District Council and County Council as appropriate.


(Vote: Unanimous)


10.       Parish Plans


Members considered correspondence from the Community Council of Devon regarding the state of parish plans and it was RESOLVED to complete the questionnaire.


(Vote: Unanimous)