Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 28th February 2006


PRESENT:     Chairman       - Town Mayor – Cllr E J Davies

 Members        - Cllrs Mrs S A Mounce, A Barnes, R D Bradford MBE,

                           A Eastman, A Eastwood OBE, P Hames, K Lane,

                           R W A Miller, R M M Tisdale, P Waters    

   together with 3 Officers of Devon and  

   Cornwall Constabulary and 3 Parishioners


Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllr Mrs M Cox


1.         Minutes


The minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 31st January 2006 were approved and signed.


(Vote: Unanimous)


2          CCTV Presentation


Council received a presentation from the Crime Prevention Officer who explained the pros and cons of CCTV in relation to crime prevention.  It would appear that CCTV did have an appreciable effect on reducing crime and also helped reduce persons’ fear of crime.  However, there were a number of issues relating to cost and privacy, which need to be addressed and it was RESOLVED to hold a Special Meeting of the Council when Residents’ Associations and the local community would be asked to attend.


(Vote: Unanimous)


3.         Westward Ho! Rock Pool


Mrs Saunders, from the District Council, reported on the need for lifeguarding of the Rock Pool at Westward Ho! and advised Members of the report and recommendations from ROSPA.  It was RESOLVED to agree in principle to financially support the provision of lifeguards at the pool and Mrs Saunders undertook to come back with detailed costings at a later date.


(Vote: 9 For, 2 Abst)


It was also recommended that a detailed log of use by the public should be kept through the period of supervision.


4.         Town Clerk’s Report 


Monthly Financial Report – The Town Clerk presented the monthly financial report that included payments for this month and it was RESOLVED to accept. 


(Vote: Unanimous) 


5.         Northam Burrows


(a) Applications for Grazing 2006/2007 and letter from Rural Development Service 

The Town Clerk reported a letter from the Rural Development Service who were seeking to reduce the number of animals grazing on the common.  He advised that the applications for grazing for sheep exceeded the quota.  It was RESOLVED to hold a Special Meeting of the Council on 15th March at 6.00 pm and that all graziers would be invited. 

(Vote: Unanimous)


(b) Letter from Janet Braddick 

Members considered a letter from a resident complaining about remote controlled vehicles on Northam Burrows.  Councillor Waters reported that the Burrows Forum had considered this matter and the District Council were to be asked to take the appropriate action to stop them.   

(c) Sewage Pollution


Members considered a letter from the Environment Agency and it was RESOLVED to send all the details to the District Council.


(Vote: Unanimous)


(d) Members’ items


Cllr Miller referred to the recent meeting with Geoffrey Cox MP where it was suggested that the Town Council should commission an independent report on the Burrows.


6.         Streetworks and related matters


            (a) Letter from Local Service Officer


It was RESOLVED to defer consideration of the Heywood Road roundabout scheme

until the next meeting.


(Vote: Unanimous)


(b) Double Yellow lines, Appledore


Members referred to the number of letters received from parishioners objecting to the possibility of yellow lines on Appledore Quay.  Members were at a loss to understand how this concern had arisen as to the best of everybody’s knowledge there were no proposals to provide yellow lines.  It was RESOLVED to write to all concerned advising them accordingly.


(Vote: Unanimous)


(c) Members’ items


Councillor Miller referred to the problems of parking in the Square and the poor signs at the

 entrance to Cross Street, previously reported to the County Council.  It was RESOLVED to write again.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Tisdale reported the lack of appropriate sign at the junction of Nelson Road with Golf Links Road advising motorists of the way to the beach.  It was RESOLVED to write again to the County Council.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Hames reported on the poor condition of public benches in Irsha Street, litter in the hedgerows along Churchill Way and two steps which had been eroded on the coastal footpath at the inlet at the lower part of Burrough Farm.  It was RESOLVED to advise the appropriate authorities and ask them to take the necessary action.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Eastman again raised the problem of the condition of the surfacing in Tomouth Road.  It was RESOLVED to write again to the County Council.


(Vote: Unanimous)


Cllr Waters reported that Staddon Road nameplate had fallen off and was lying on the ground.  He had reported the matter to the District Council six weeks ago but to date no action had been taken.  It was RESOLVED to write to the District Council.


(Vote: Unanimous)


7.         Friends of St Margaret’s School


Council considered further information provided by the School in support of their grant application.  It was RESOLVED to award a grant of £500.


            (Vote: 10 For, 1 Against)


8.         Royal Garden party


            It was RESOLVED to nominate Councillor Davies.


            (Vote: Unanimous)


9.         Bridge Hall 

The Town Clerk reported on the decision of the Bridge Trust to place the Bridge Hall on the open market where they were looking for offers in excess of £150,000.   The Town Mayor reported on his discussion with the Chairman of the Bridge Trust, Cllr Christie, and it was RESOLVED to write to the Bridge Trust confirming the agreement of Cllr Christie to a meeting with the Town Council.  It was also RESOLVED to write to St Margaret’s Church asking them to join the Town Council in their endeavours to purchase the Hall for the Community. 

(Vote: Unanimous)