Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held on Wednesday 15 th December 2010 at the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Windmill Lane Northam commencing at 7.00 pm


Present: Cllrs Langton (Chairman), Mrs Biggs, Mrs Collins, Braund, Eastman, Edwards, Hames, Miller, and Osborne

In Attendance: Mrs Jane Mills, Town Clerk

Members of the press and public


1012/499 Prayers

The Minister led the Prayers


1012/500 Chairman's announcements

The Chairman spoke of the Council achievements and recorded his thanks to the previous Clerk who had left earlier in the year. He thanked the Clerk and her assistant and the new Maintenance technicians for their work through the year. He then went on to thank the Chairman of Planning (Cllr Hames), Chairman of Finance (Cllr Edwards) and Cllr Miller (Town Projects Chairman) with particular thanks to Cllr Miller for his work with the allotments, the Christmas tree decorations, the newsletter and the Christmas cards for the Town Council. Cllr Miller then received a standing ovation. He then went on to say that Santa had attended the Carol Service in the Square. He reminded Councillors that there were four full Council meetings until the term of the present Council ends. He read correspondence which had been received regarding information from Devon County Council about No Waiting area in Wooda Road. This will only be in place whilst the shipyard is moving units from one area to another. Correspondence was also received from Matt Jarvis regarding the Princes Trust and the availability of people to do some community work during January. It was suggested that perhaps some work could be done cutting back the ivy on the Anchor Park wall. There was an invitation from CPRE to enter the Best Kept Village competition but it was not felt appropriate to make an entry this year. The Chairman read the press release which would be in the following day's paper, a copy of which is attached to the minutes.


1012/501 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs Mrs Boyle, Mrs Whittaker, Johnson, Robinson and Tisdale


1012/502 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests must be declared prior to the item being discussed.


1012/503 To agree the agenda as published

It was resolved to agree the agenda as published after bringing forward the Police report.


1012/504 To receive a Police Report

The Police reported that the motor bike offenders were caught about a month ago and are being dealt with by Traffic Police. Please inform the Police if you see any further problems. Crime numbers are reduced in comparison with last year's figures. Bideford Station office is to be closed completely. The Mayor thanked the Police for attending with their report and it was then resolved that a strong response be sent to the Chief Constable expressing dissatisfaction with the closing of the Station Office.


1012/505 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 24 th November 2010 as a correct record

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 24 th November 2010 as a correct record with the following amendments:


1011/455 should read motor bikes

1011/461 delete general consensus and replace with some Councillors considered that...

1012/506 To receive and adopt the reports of minutes and resolutions contained therein from Committees and Sub-Committees

•  Planning Committee November 24 th

•  Town Projects November 17 th

•  Finance Committee October 21 st

•  Finance Committee November 30 th

•  Finance Committee December 13 th


It was resolved to receive and adopt the reports of minutes and resolutions contained therein from the above Committees and Sub-Committees.


1012/507 To receive questions and/or deputations or petitions from parishioners. All

deputations or petitions to be referred without discussion to the clerk for action, or to the next council meeting for discussion as appropriate. Any question requiring an answer at the meeting to be submitted at least five working days before the meeting to the Town Council office.

A member of the public requested that Northam Town Council ask Torridge District Council for an extension of time in relation to the questionnaire on the Appledore car parks. They went on to speak about the railings on the Quay at Appledore and reported that they are in a dreadful state and also advised about the dangerous steps in Churchfields car park.


1012/508 Public Participation

Members of the public are permitted to make representations, answer questions and give evidence in respect of any item of business included in the agenda. Each member of the public is entitled to speak once only in respect of business itemised on the agenda and shall not speak for more than 3 minutes. The period of time which is designated for public participation in accordance with standing orders shall not exceed 15 minutes.

Members of the public were present but there was no request for public participation.


1012/509 Update on Northam Hall

This should have read Northam Burrows.

There is nothing further to report apart from the Press Release mentioned in Chairman's Announcements.


1012/510 To consider and adopt Northam Town Council policies (distributed)

Anti Fraud, Compassionate Leave, Complaints Procedure, Data Protection, Equal Opportunities, Flexible Working,Grants, Grievance Procedure, Health and Safety, Lone Worker,Maternity, No Smoking, Performance and Conduct, Recruitment and Selection, Time Off, Whistleblowing, Dignity at Work'


It was resolved to adopt the recommendations from the meeting of the 8 th December 2010. If Councillors wish to put forward any further amendments they should be submitted in writing to the Clerk and for consideration by Council.


1012/511 To consider recommendations from the Finance Committee

•  for the precept for 2011-12

It was unanimously resolved to accept the recommendations of the Finance Committee for the setting of the precept for 2011/2012 in sum of £131650. The Town Clerk was thanked for the work she has done on the accounts.


•  That all finance relating to Northam Burrows should be recorded under a separate heading and funds to be held in a separate account and that a temporary person be appointed to process Manor Pass applications. Applications to be made from 1 st March 2011 and passes to be sent out from April 2011

It was unanimously resolved to accept the above recommendation.


1012/512 To receive and consider reports from the Town Clerk

•  Monthly Financial Report and list of payments and a monthly bank reconciliation

It was unanimously resolved to accept the monthly financial report, list of payments and monthly bank reconciliation.


1012/513 To consider correspondence from the Open Spaces Society requesting a donation to the Open Spaces Society's appeal for Go For Green Spaces

It was resolved to place this item on the next Finance agenda for consideration.

1012/514 Correspondence

•  Torridge Views (available in the Office)

•  Torridge Voluntary Services Annual Report (held in office)

•  Reply from Maurizio D'Alesio regarding street lighting (herewith)

Correspondence was noted and Councillors were not happy with the street lighting response which will be placed on the agenda of the next Town Projects Meeting for consideration.


1012/515 To consider Street Matters

Cllr Eastman advised that he will present a major report at the next meeting. With regard to the Lookout path there is a nucleus of volunteers who will cut the grass going from the path to the stile. A Highways technician will then arrange for scalpings on the path and the path will be completed.


1012/516 To consider Odun Rd car park response

It was resolved that responses be completed individually and also that the Clerk write to Torridge asking them to extend the consultation period and to write a letter on behalf of the Council advising that it is horrified that Torridge should consider closing the car parks.


1012/517 To consider calendar of meetings for 2011

It was resolved to accept the proposed calendar of meetings for 2011


1012/518 To consider a formal request for a Councillor to attend the Bideford College Foundation

Cllr Mrs Biggs agreed to attend the January meeting and attendance at the June meeting will be advised following the appointments by the new Council in May.


1012/519 Reports from District Members

There were no reports from District Council Members as they were all attending a meeting of Torridge District Council.

1012/520 Report from County Councillor

The County Councillor had nothing to report to this meeting.