Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held on Wednesday 24 th November 2010 at the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Windmill Lane Northam commencing at 7.10 pm


Present: Cllrs Langton (Chairman), Mrs Biggs, Mrs Boyle, Mrs Collins,

Mrs Whittaker, Braund, Edwards, Hames, Johnson, Miller, Osborne, and Tisdale


In Attendance: Mrs Jane Mills, Town Clerk

Members of the press and public

1011/448 Prayers

The Minister led the Prayers

1011/449 Chairman's announcements

The Chairman read out a letter advising of Highways maintenance from Bidna Lane to Heywood Road.


1011/450 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs Eastman and Robinson


1011/451 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests must be declared prior to the item being discussed.


1011/452 To agree the agenda between Part A and Part B (confidential information)

It was resolved to agreed the agenda between Part A and Part B


1011/453 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 27 th October 2010 as a correct record

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 27 th October 2010 as a correct record following an amendment under minute 1010/414 by deleting the sentence “Torridge are proposing to develop a car park at Odun Road but Appledore cannot afford to lose any car parks” and inserting “Torridge District Council are proposing to develop the Odun Road and West Appledore car parks for housing but first public consultation must be done by way of a questionnaire which everybody is invited to complete. Appledore cannot afford to lose any car parks”.

1011/454 It was resolved to bring forward the Police Report at this stage.


Cllr Mrs Biggs arrived at the meeting.


1011/455 To receive a Police Report

A Police report was given by the Neighbourhood Beat Manager, PC David Buck who advised that he had been asked to comment on the effect of the reduced street lighting in the area but felt it had little effect on the crime figures. For the same period in 2009 there were 139 crimes but the current figure stood at 112. He reported on a number of crimes from the end of October to 22 nd November which included theft of a pedal cycle and two scooters which had been recovered, also a theft by an employee and a burglary where a handbag was stolen. There had been a lot of activity by youths on bikes at the estuary, 3 have been identified and are being dealt with. The public need to call the Police immediately should they have concerns.


1011/456 To consider and adopt the minutes of committees and sub-committees previously circulated:

•  Planning Committee – 10 th November 2010

•  Planning Committee – 13 th and 27 th October

•  Town Projects committee – 3 rd September and 26 th October


It was resolved to adopt the minutes of the Committees. There was a discussion on the publication of the Newsletter and it was resolved to publish the newsletter and to employ delivery agents. There was a further resolution to amend this agenda item to read in future “to receive and adopt the reports of minutes and resolutions contained therein from committees and sub-committees.”


1011/457 To receive questions and/or deputations or petitions from parishioners. All deputations or petitions to be referred without discussion to the clerk for action, or to the next council meeting for discussion as appropriate. Any question requiring an answer at the meeting to be submitted at least five working days before the meeting to the Town Council office.

A representative of Appledore Residents' Association asked if Torridge District Council had stopped putting planning applications in the Journal. She also expressed concerns about the distribution of the questionnaire by Torridge District Council regarding Odun Road and other car parks in Appledore and advised that she had to ask the Council for copies in order for members of the Residents'' Association to distribute it.


1011/458 To consider and adopt Northam Town Council policies (distributed)

Anti Fraud, Compassionate Leave, Complaints Procedure, Data Protection, Equal Opportunities, Flexible Working, Grants, Grievance Procedure, Health and Safety, Lone Worker, Maternity, No Smoking, Performance and Conduct, Recruitment and Selection, Time Off ,Whistleblowing, Dignity at Work'


It was resolved to hold a special meeting to consider the policies on Wednesday 8 th December at 7.00pm

Cllr Mrs Boyle gave her apologies and left the meeting.

1011/459 To receive and consider reports from the Town Clerk

•  Monthly Financial Report and list of payments and a monthly bank reconciliation

It was resolved to agree the list of payments and accept the monthly bank reconciliation.

•  To complete the Torridge District Council budget questionnaire (previously circulated)

It was resolved to ask Members to complete the questionnaire individually.


Cllr Mrs Collins gave her apologies and left the meeting.


1011/460 To consider correspondence

•  DALC Newsletter Nov/Dec 2010 (held in office)

•  Parish Matters booklet (held in office)

•  Affordable Rural Housing booklet (held in office)

It was resolved to note the correspondence.


1011/461 To consider street matters

SWH Roads – Footpath Closure for drainage works. Long Lane Appledore from the junction with Broad Lane to Western Avenue on Tuesday March 1st to Thursday 3rd March 2011. B3236 Atlantic Way Northam Sunday 7th February 2011 to Tuesday 9th February 2011

It was resolved to note the above items.


Attention was drawn to the retaining wall at Anchor Park and the Clerk was asked to check the ownership of the wall. The issue of pavements near Richmond Green was raised but this is under negotiation with the landowner. There was a brief discussion on the new cycle route which has been installed and the general consensus was that it had been a waste of money at a cost of £55,000 and concerns were expressed as to its safety because there is no distinction between the cycle lane and the lane for pedestrians. There was further discussion about street lighting issues and the Clerk was asked to write to Devon County Council asking them to please adhere to what had previously been agreed with the timings of the lights being switched on and off, which was that they should be switched off at 00.30 hours and switched back on at 05.30 hours and to please ensure that the timings are correct in future.


1011/462 To consider appointments to Human Resources Committee

It was resolved to appoint the following Members to the Human Resources Committee:-

Cllrs Mrs Biggs, Mrs Whittaker, Edwards, Langton, Miller, Osborne and nominations were received for Cllrs Mrs Boyle and Mrs Collins and they would be appointed subject to their agreement.


1011/463 To consider a response to the Transport Proposals (sent out to Councillors previously)

It was resolved to accept Cllr Hames' comments and forward them as Northam's responses.


1011/464 To consider a response to the Torridge Draft Sex Establishment Policy (sent out to Councillors previously)

It was resolved to send this draft policy again by e-mail and for individual Members to make their comments.


1011/465 Reports from District Members

Cllr Tisdale advised Members to read the Journal to see the Regeneration information for Westward Ho! More information will follow regarding the Three Day Family Fest beginning next July.


Cllr Johnson spoke about the question of tolls at Northam Burrows and hopes that an acceptable solution will be found. He advised his membership of a new committee – the Tidy Town Action Group. He invited all Members to advise him of any privately owned buildings that look a mess. Arrangements are in hand for finalising the Jubilee Square and Cooper Street development.


1011/466 Report from County Councillor

There was no report as Cllr Eastman was not able to attend.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 pm