Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held on Wednesday 27 th October 2010 at the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Windmill Lane Northam commencing at 7.00 pm


Present: Cllrs Langton (Chairman), Mrs Collins, Mrs Whittaker, Eastman, Edwards, Johnson, Miller, Osborne, Robinson, and Tisdale

In Attendance: Mrs Jane Mills, Town Clerk

Members of the press and public

1010/397 Prayers

The Minister led the Prayers

1010/398 Chairman's announcements

There were no announcements


1010/399 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs Mrs Biggs, Mrs Boyle, Braund and Hames


1010/400 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests must be declared prior to the item being discussed.


1010/401 Presentation by Jane Elliott – Seize the Moment

Jane Elliott gave an interesting presentation and spoke about funding needs. Members asked questions and the Chairman thanked her for the work she was doing.


1010/402 To agree the agenda between Part A and Part B (confidential information)

It was resolved to agree the agenda between Part A and Part B but to bring forward the Police Report.

1010/403 To receive a Police Report

A police report was given by PCSO John McGovern and apologies received from PC Dave Buck and PCSO Andy Elston. Members are still being sought for the Burrows Watch. Police asked to be notified of any one riding small trials bikes around the area. Councillors asked if it were possible to receive figures on whether or not the switching off of street lights had affected crime in the area.


1010/404 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 22 nd September 2010 as a correct record

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 22 nd September 2010 as a correct record


1010/405 To consider and adopt the minutes of committees and sub-committees previously circulated:

•  Finance Committee – 28 th July 2010

•  Planning Committee – 15 th and 29 th September 2010

The minutes were considered and it was resolved to adopt them.


1010/406 To receive questions and/or deputations or petitions from parishioners. All deputations or petitions to be referred without discussion to the clerk for action, or to the next council meeting for discussion as appropriate. Any question requiring an answer at the meeting to be submitted at least five working days before the meeting to the Town Council office.

No questions were received


1010/407 Notice of Motion from Cllr Eastman – “ that consideration be given to the Appledore Community Land Trust with regard to the planning permission that has been applied for. The Land which is situated adjacent to the Mount in West Appledore is owned by the Appledore Community Land Trust. This land has been specifically acquired in order to provide Housing for Local Needs. A Local Needs survey was conducted over two years ago for Appledore and the results that were gleaned have more than doubled now. The A.C.L.Trust need to talk with Northam Town Council in order to seek all the help possible to see this Local Needs Housing for Appledore actually becomes a reality in the near future.”

Cllr Eastman withdrew this motion .

1010/408 To consider an update on Quality Status

The Clerk had nothing further to report at present.


1010/409 To receive and consider reports from the Town Clerk

•  Monthly Financial Report and list of payments and a monthly bank reconciliation

It was resolved to accept the monthly financial report and approve the list of payments presented. A vote of thanks to the Clerk was recorded.


1010/410 To consider correspondence

•  Mineral Core Strategy (herewith)

•  NHS – Transforming Community Services

•  Remembrance Day Parades

•  Appledore Lifeboat Naming Ceremony


It was resolved to note correspondence and to send a letter of thanks to ASDA for their work outside Northam Hall


1010/411 To consider DCC winter service

It was resolved to ask the new maintenance staff to check on the location of the grit bins and report back so that the return could be completed. Councillors also advised on the amount of use last winter.


1010/412 To consider Street Matters

•  Road closure for resurfacing works in Cross Street 12th to 14th January 2011

•  Road Closure for resurfacing works in Golf Links Road 17th to 21st January 2011

•  Road closure to lay BT duct New Street, Appledore 29th Dec 2010 to 2nd January 2011

It was resolved to note the information received.


1010/413 To consider appointments to Human Resources Committee

It was resolved to defer this to the next meeting

1010/414 Reports from District Members

District Councillor Robinson advised that the planning appeal for Lenwood Country Club took place recently and he attended it. He expressed concern that the appeal regarding Westward Ho! Tennis Club was being considered by written response, in view of the fact that it was of a controversial nature with a degree of local interest. He reported that sanity had now prevailed with the decision by Torridge regarding Manor passes. Torridge District Council has held meetings with some areas but Northam seems to have been overlooked. He reported that he had attended a meeting regarding Tarka Housing developments, it had been a useful airing of views and concerns.

District Councillor Tisdale advised that the “Four Winds planning application had now gone to appeal. The Family Fest at Westward Ho! will take place next year during the first week of July. The section 106 agreement which will help with the cost of the promenade should be signed next week.

District Councillor Johnson advised that North Devon Plus was launching a new website next week, he felt this would be good for tourism.

District Councillor Eastman advised that he had received complaints from taxi drivers about lack of signage and replacement falls to Torridge to allocate a budget for signs that need replacing. Torridge are proposing to develop a car park at Odun Road but Appledore cannot afford to lose any car parks.

District Councillor Robinson reminded everyone that Torridge have an agreement to offer Northam first refusal if selling assets within the Town Council area.


1010/415 Report from County Councillor

County Councillor Eastman reported that Lovers Lane refurbishment had started and this was important for Appledore school, a good access was being created.

He apologised that a nice colour could not be included in the tarmac for Westward Ho!. Joint working was resulting in all the work that was coming to fruition at Westward Ho!. Future projects would be discussed at Town Projects meetings.

County Councillor Robinson spoke about the change of title for planning and the revised name of the Inshore Fishing and Conservation Authority. He also spoke about the Atlantic Array and the possibility of work coming into the area.

1010/416 To consider generator from the Potwalloping Committee

Northam Town Council was to become the custodian of the generator and safety procedures are to be put in place, also insurance cover.