Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held on Wednesday 30 th June 2010 at the Council Chamber Council Offices Windmill Lane Northam commencing at 7.00 pm


Present: Cllrs Langton (Chairman), Mrs Boyle, Mrs Collins, Eastman, Hames, Johnson, Miller, Osborne, Robinson, Tisdale

In Attendance: Mrs Jane Mills, Town Clerk

Members of the public

1006/156 Prayers

The Vicar was unable to attend.

1006/157 Chairman's announcements


•  Correspondence was received from the Twinning Association and the Chairman read out the dates of the social fund raisers.

•  Correspondence was also received from Exeter City Council regarding the recession impact campaign.

•  The Chairman reminded everyone of Councillor Mrs Cox's resignation and wished thanks for all her past work and contribution to the Council to be formally recorded.


1006/158 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs Mrs Biggs and Edwards


1006/159 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests must be declared prior to the item being discussed.


1006/160 To agree the agenda between Part A and Part B (confidential information)

It was resolved to agree the agenda between Part A and Part B.


1006/161 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 26 th May 2010 as a correct record

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the full Council Meeting held 26 th May 2010 as a correct record, subject to an amendment that Cllr Hames left the meeting after minute 1005/10


1006/162 To receive a Police Report

The Police were in attendance and gave a report and took questions. The Chairman thanked them for their attendance.


1006/163 To consider and adopt the minutes of committees and sub-committees previously circulated

Finance Committee 20 th May 2010 (previously circulated)

Planning Committee 28 th April 2010, 5 th , 12th, 19th, 26th May 2010 (previously circulated)

Town Projects Committee 30 th April 2010, 24th May 2010 (previously circulated)

It was resolved to adopt the minutes of Committees and sub-committees previously circulated.


1006/164 To receive a presentation from Mr Goodman Torridge Community Transport Association

Mr Goodman was not in attendance.


1006/165 To receive questions and/or deputations or petitions from parishioners. All deputations or petitions to be referred without discussion to the clerk for action, or to the next council meeting for discussion as appropriate. Any question requiring an answer at the meeting to be submitted at least five working days before the meeting to the Town Council office

The BFAA Chairman presented a petition regarding funding difficulties and asking the District Councillors and County Councillor for funds. The Chairman advised that Council had worked hard to purchase the land, a working party had been set up and considerable money and resources put in to setting up the allotment. Further money was not available from Northam Town Council as resolving the access will involve further legal expenses.

Councillor Mrs Boyle gave her apologies and left the meeting.


1006/166 Notice of Motion received from Cllr Tisdale – “ As Devon County Council will no longer be funding any weed suppressant operatives this year would this Council consider using the skills of Martin Tucker (who is certified) to spray certain parts of Northam, Appledore and Westward Ho! and Orchard Hill before the season commences.”

It was resolved to amend the motion to insert following commences “after considering less harmful alternatives such as manual treatment”. The Clerk was asked to contact Devon County Council to confirm that they would no longer be suppressing the weeds and the matter to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting with additional information.


1006/167 To consider correspondence:

•  Village Green June edition (held in office)

•  List of venues for meetings re NHS Mental Health Services (held in office)

      • Invitation from Devon County Council to Highways maintenance surgery 6 th July 2010 Civic Centre (Torridge Room) Barnstaple. No appointments, members can visit any time during those hours
      • Devon Association of Community Buildings 2010 Annual Conference and AGM – Wednesday 14 th July – Bridestowe Village Hall


It was resolved to note correspondence.


1006/168 To consider an update on Quality Status

There was nothing further to report at present.


1006/169 To consider closure of the Co-op at Appledore

Council reiterated their disappointment in the closure and confirmed that letters had been written to the relevant people.


1006/170 To consider the adjustment to the beam at the Hartland Point Lighthouse

Councillors noted the information.

1006/171 To consider two consultation schemes from Devon County Council and our response

Cllr Eastman declared an interest as he sits on the Committee. Council resolved to fully support the claimed footpaths and to be vigilant that any other ancient paths should be placed on the Definitive map.1006/172 To consider update on vehicular access to Burrough Farm allotments

The Clerk read a letter from Wain Homes and the matter is to be passed forward to Town Projects for resolution.

1006/173 To receive and consider reports from the Town Clerk

•  Monthly Financial Report and additional payments

•  To agree change of meeting dates

Full Council 29 th September moved to 22 nd September Planning only on 29 th September

It was resolved to accept the financial report and additional payments and to agree the change of meeting dates.


1006/174 To consider Street Matters

Cllr Eastman noted the issues raised by other Councillors.

1006/175 To consider attendance at “Empowering Communities, A Local Perspective” 23 rd July 2010 in Barnstaple

The Chairman asked Councillors to advise the Clerk if they wished to attend.


1006/176 Reports from District Members

Cllr Robinson reported on the LDF which would now have a community based focus and the demise of the RDA. Gardens will no longer be regarded as brown field sites. Conservation now includes green spaces and a further look is being taken at listed buildings.

Cllr Johnson spoke about the Tidy Town initiative which is looking at dilapidated buildings and it is hoped to include Northam.

Cllr Tisdale said that the Village Green will be started in September and everything included in the plan will go ahead.

Cllr Eastman said he had attended a meeting of PPR. The Strategic Director (Resources) has completed the draft template for Northam which will constitute the Council's draft submission to the Local Investment Plan and he asked the Council to check the “wish list”.


1006/177 Report from County Councillor

Cllr Eastman reported that an easement had been allowed which would enable the affordable housing in Appledore to go ahead.

Cllr Eastman had an informal meeting with the Education Liaison Officer regarding traffic problems at Appledore school and it was hope they would be addressed shortly.

Cllr Robinson advised that there had been discussion with a view to balancing the bus journeys in Bideford.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35 pm.