Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 27th January 2009

PRESENT: Chairman - Town Mayor Cllr R M M Tisdale

Members - Mrs A Boyle, Mrs S Collins, Mrs M Cox, A Eastman, B M Edwards, P Hames, R J Johnson, C K Langton, R W A Miller, R H Osborne, S R Robinson together with 2 parishioners and 4 members of Westward Ho! Tennis Club for item 1

Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllr Mrs P Biggs

1. 15 minute period for public contributions

Mr Andy Lobato of behalf of the Westward Ho! Tennis Club presented the Club's proposals for re-location and development of a tennis centre on land between Lenwood Road and Silford Road. He advised that this was the preferred option from a number of sites that had been considered and had received the greatest support following a public consultation. Mr Lobato advised that in order for the Club to take advantage of the contract they had entered into with the developer for their existing site at Westward Ho! they needed to be able to complete all the necessary formalities i.e. planning consent, land purchase and award of grants by 2010. The current problem was funding for the planning application which was being pursued with the District Council. It would also be necessary to carry out further public consultation and as part of the planning application an environmental study and road traffic study would need to be done.

Cllr Johnson expressed his support for the proposal and he was keen to see that the facility would be available to the general public. Mr Lobato advised that the intention was to ensure that children and others had full access but in order to limit insurance liabilities it would be necessary for people to join the Club.

Cllr Hames questioned why the site needed to be so large. Mr Lobato advised that the site being offered was 9.9 acres but the Club only needed 5.5. However, the additional space would allow the Club to use the topography of the site and the space to best advantage and hide the buildings within the landscape.

The Town Mayor, Cllr Tisdale, thanked Mr Lobato and his team for the presentation.

2. Minutes

Cllr Hames advised that the resolution with respect to the planting included the requirement to consult with the local community and Members agreed with Cllr Hames and minute 4 was duly amended.

The minutes of the Town Council meeting held 16th December 2008 as amended were approved and signed.

(Vote: Unanimous)

3. Minutes of the Special Joint meeting of the Finance Advisory Committee and Town Projects Advisory Committee held 15th December 2008

The minutes of the above meeting were approved and signed.

(Vote: 10 For; 2 abst)

4. Minutes of the Town Projects Advisory Committee held 20th January 2009

Members considered the recommendations of the above minutes. With respect to minute 2 it was RESOLVED to plant a tree at Northam Hall.

(Vote: Unanimous)

With regard to minute 3 Siting of Dog Bins - the locations were approved. Cllr Johnson and Cllr Mrs Cox to agree on the siting for the Hanson Park bin.

(Vote: Unanimous)

With regard to minute 8 Road Safety the Town Clerk was requested to pursue a meeting with the Road Safety Officer.

5. Town Clerk's Report

Monthly Financial Report The Town Clerk presented the monthly financial report that included payments for this month and it was RESOLVED to accept.

(Vote: Unanimous)

6. Streetworks and related matters

(a) No Waiting Order Pitt Hill Appledore

Cllr Osborne requested that the Council repeats its request for a No Waiting Order on Pitt Hill and also that a weight restriction be considered. It was RESOLVED to pursue this.

(Vote: Unanimous)

(b) Members' items

Cllr Edwards reported that the steps leading from Torridge Road to Western Avenue were not being lit adequately and that the lighting in the area is faulty and he thought that in order to aid pedestrians white lines should be painted on the edge of the steps in a similar manner to the steps leading from Western Avenue to the Mount.

Cllr Mrs Boyle requested that the dog fouling signs painted on the footways be done again and also requested that there be a weight limit for Odun Road.

Cllrs Eastman, Hames and Osborne were concerned at the lack of progress in dealing with the problems at the Churchill Road bend near Staddon Road with regard to the need for a footway and appropriate sign.

Cllr Hames was of the view that the footway along Churchill Way was narrower than it need be due to the overgrown banks and it was agreed to contact the County Council.

He also thought that the Town Council should be pursuing the reduction in street lighting in appropriate areas.

Cllr Mrs Boyle reported that the Staddon Road street nameplate had still not been sorted out.

The Town Mayor, Cllr Tisdale, reported that the long overdue scheme for sorting out Bay View Road has been promised by the County Council for next year. He advised that Golf Links Road was also going to be undertaken.

7. Shoreline Management Plan

The Members who had attended the presentation considered that there was not much to say at this stage but look forward to more detailed proposals later in the year.

8. Application for Grant St Margaret's School

It was agreed to place this before the Finance Advisory Committee for consideration.

9. Town and Parish Councillors allowances

It was RESOLVED to note the Remuneration Scheme.

(Vote: Unanimous)

10. The Power of the Promotion of Economic, Social or Environmental Well Being

Cllr Mrs Cox reported that she would be attending a seminar on this at South Molton and would report back.

11. Community Buildings Training Programme

Members agreed to nominate Councillors Mrs Boyle, Edwards and Osborne to attend the Community Buildings Training Programme at Clinton Hall, Merton.