Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 25 th November 2008


PRESENT: Chairman - Town Mayor Cllr R M M Tisdale

Members - Cllrs Mrs P Biggs, Mrs A Boyle, Mrs S Collins, J Braund, A Eastman, B M Edwards, P Hames, R J Johnson, C K Langton, R H Osborne, S R Robinson together 2 parishioners.

Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllrs Mrs M M Cox and R W A Miller

1. Minutes

The minutes of the Town Council meeting held 28 th October 2008 were approved and signed.

(Vote: 10 For, 2 abst)

2. Minutes of the Town Projects Advisory Committee held 18 th November 2008

Members considered the recommendations of the above Committee and RESOLVED as follows:-

Minute 2(a) - Festive lighting It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendation.

(Vote: 11 For, 1 abst)

Minute 2(b) - Hanging Flower Baskets It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendation.

(Vote: 11 For, 1 abst)

Minute 2(c) - Appledore Planters It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendation.

(Vote: 10 For, 2 abst)

Minute 2(d) - War Memorials It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendation.

(Vote: 11 For, 1 abst)

Minute 2(e) - Road Safety - It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendation.

(Vote: 8 For, 4 abst)

Minute 2(f) - Street Cleaning - It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendation.

(Vote: Unanimous)

Minute 2(g) - Anchor Park - It was RESOLVED to accept the recommendation.

(Vote: Unanimous)

3. Minutes of the Finance Advisory Committee held 18 th November 2008

Members considered the above minutes setting out grants to be awarded for the financial

year 2009/2010. It was RESOLVED to award the grants as recommended in the attached


(Vote: Unanimous)

Cllr Hames declared an interest in Northam Community Centre and Appledore Book Festival.

Cllr Mrs Boyle declared an interest in Appledore Book Festival and North Devon Maritime Museum.

Members discussed the application from the Appledore Hall Rescue Fund group. The aims of this group were accepted but due to the difficulties with regard to the current status of the Hall it was thought inappropriate to award a grant at this time. It was generally agreed that some action needed to be taken to seek to have the Hall brought back into a sound structural state and available to the general public. To this end it was RESOLVED to contact those with a known interest in the Hall with a view to resolving the current difficulties.

(Vote: Unanimous)

4. Town Clerk's Report

(a) Salary Award Members considered the National interim salary award for Local Council employees and it was RESOLVED that the interim award based on the decision of the National Joint Council for Local Government services be implemented with immediate effect.

(Vote: Unanimous)

(b Monthly Financial Report The Town Clerk presented the monthly financial report that included payments for this month and it was RESOLVED to accept.

(Vote: Unanimous)

5. Streetworks and related matters

Members' items

Cllr Mrs Boyle reported that the street nameplate for Staddon Road at the Meeting Street junction required attention.

Cllr Eastman reported that the replacement cladding for Appledore Quay was to be carried out next year. He understood the proposal was for concrete panels, cast to imitate stone, to be used. He was concerned that the Town Council had not been consulted. It was RESOLVED to write to Halcrows, the Environment Agency and the Taw/Torridge Estuary Forum with regard to this matter and with the intention of convening a meeting with Halcrows and the Environment Agency.

Cllr Osborne requested that a meeting with Mike Newcombe, Road Safety Officer DCC, be arranged as soon as possible.

Cllr Langton reported that the weight restriction signs at the lower end of Bone Hill were facing the wrong way. It was agreed to contact the County Council.

The Town Mayor reported that he had received several complaints regarding near misses between vehicles at the pinch points along Bay View Road, in particular the one by the chemist at the Northam end and the other by Puffin Court at the Westward Ho! end. There is also concern about speeding in Cornborough Road and Buckleigh Road. It was agreed to advise the County Council of these concerns.

6. Appledore Skate Park

Members considered whether or not to enter into an agreement with the District Council in order to take advantage of the Big Lottery award. Concern was raised that the requirements of the lottery were somewhat excessive but having regard to the benefits of the scheme it was RESOLVED to sign the agreement.

(Vote 11 For, 1 abst)

Cllr Edwards abstained from voting because he would be supervising the contract and had been involved in the agreement process with the District Council and the tenders for this scheme.

7. Appledore Car Park review

Members considered the proposal of the District Council who were looking to seek approval for the construction of three houses on land forming part of the West Appledore car park. The proposal would result in a loss of a number of parking spaces and the general view of Members was that this should not be allowed to happen. It was RESOLVED to advise the District Council that this Council strongly recommends the retention of the car park due to continuing demand for parking spaces. However if, after full public consultation the housing scheme is proceeded with, then this should be for local needs housing with appropriate conditions attached.

(Vote; Unanimous)

8. Stop the Drop Campaign

The Town Clerk reported on the information he had received from the CPRE on their initiative to seek public awareness and action to deal with litter. Cllr Hames undertook to study the proposals and to report back.