Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 27th May 2008.


PRESENT: Chairman - Town Mayor – Cllr R M M Tisdale

Members - Cllrs Mrs A J Boyle, Mrs M M Cox, J Braund, A Eastman, B M Edwards, P Hames, R J Johnson, C K Langton, R W A Miller, R H Osborne, S R Robinson together with 4 parishioners.

Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllrs Mrs P Biggs and Mrs S Collins.

1. Mr A Barnes – New DAWN

Mr Barnes and Maria Bailey advised the Council on the benefits of going forward with a new local community partnership. Documents were circulated outlining the aims and objectives and also the benefits and added value that could result. It was thought that this could be a powerful partnership that would bring benefits to the area. It was RESOLVED to nominate Cllrs Tisdale and Johnson as the Northam Town Council's representatives and it was also RESOLVED to suggest that a new, more appropriate, name for the partnership be considered.

(Vote: Unanimous)

2. Minutes

The minutes of the Town Council meeting held 29 th April 2008 were approved and signed.

(Vote: Unanimous)

3. Minutes

The minutes of the Annual Town Council Meeting held 14 th May 2008 were approved and signed.

(Vote: Unanimous)

4. Minutes of the Finance Advisory Committee held 21 st May 2008

Members considered the various recommendations of this Committee. With respect to the Bridge Hall it was RESOLVED to proceed with the purchase and that the Town Clerk, together with a Councillor, be authorised to sign the contract.

(Vote: Unanimous)

With regard to the Management Team for the Hall it was RESOLVED to nominate Cllrs Edwards, Johnson, Miller and Osborne.

(Vote: Unanimous)

In respect of Insurance, the Skate Park, Anchor Park fence and the Nationwide account, Council RESOLVED to accept the recommendations of the Committee.

(Vote: Unanimous)

With regard to the proposal for new allotments it was RESOLVED to approach Miss Jobson Scott to ascertain if she was willing to sub-let the land at Tadworthy for this purpose.

(Vote: 11 For, 1 abst)

With regard to the Rock Pool and Village Green, these were to be considered at a later date.

5. Notice of Motion from Cllr Osborne – “that this Council supports the new owners of Appledore Post Office in their request for a designated parking bay on Appledore Quay outside their shop. This will be for the sole use of delivery vans, disabled customers, and cash vans when attending the Post Office. “

Members considered the above Notice of Motion and following a discussion on the practicalities it was DEFEATED.

(Vote: 3 For, 8 against, 1 abst)

6. Town Clerk's Report

Monthly Financial Report – The Town Clerk presented the monthly financial report that included payments for this month and it was RESOLVED to accept.

(Vote: Unanimous)

7. Streetworks and related matters

Members' items

Cllr Eastman advised Members of problems at The Mount where litter bins and dog bins were required and asked the Town Council to consider it as the District Council had no budget.

Cllr Hames similarly advised that a waste bin was required at Bloody Corner.

Cllr Osborne suggested forming a Sub-Committee to consider parking in Appledore. It was thought that this matter should be considered by the Town Projects Committee.

8. Closure of Post Offices

Members considered the recent Post Office announcements with regard to the closure of some Post Offices. Council RESOLVED to write and register concern to the effect that the loss of post offices in rural areas affects the community and community adhesion. There are also effects on the environment due to the increased travelling etc.

(Vote: 11 For, 1 abst)

9. Knapp House

Members considered the letter from the Chief Executive and the Town Mayor read out the letter that he had drafted by way of a reply. It was RESOLVED to reply to the Chief Executive with the letter being sent by the Mayor in the terms that he had read out.

(Vote: Unanimous)

Cllr Mrs Boyle left the meeting at this juncture.

10. Devon Primary Care Trust

Health and Social Care Profiles were noted.

11. Changes to the Complaints Procedure

The District Council's letter regarding the new procedures in respect of complaints against Councillors were noted.