Minutes of the Finance Committee held on Thursday 20 th May 2010 at the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam at 10.30 am


Present: Cllrs Edwards (Chairman), Mrs Collins, Langton, Miller, Osborne,


In Attendance: Town Clerk, Mrs Jane Mills

Cllrs Johnson and Robinson

1005/37 To appoint a Chairman for the ensuing year

It was unanimously resolved to re-appoint Cllr Edwards as Chairman for the ensuing year.

1005/38 To appoint a Vice-Chairman for the ensuing year

It was unanimously resolved to appoint Cllr Langton for the ensuing year.

1005/39 Chairman's announcements

Following a brief discussion the Clerk was asked to agenda the issue of the Business Plan's aspect of the Burrows Committee with a suggestion that this could be dealt with as a sub-committee of the Finance Committee.

1005/40 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllr Hames

1005/41 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests should be declared prior to the item being discussed.

1005/42 To agree the agenda between Part A and Part B (confidential information)

It was resolved to agree the agenda between Part A and B as published.

1005/43 To confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting held 8 th April as a correct record.

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the meeting as a correct record with 1 abstention. Councillor not present at that meeting.

1005/44 To consider finance reports

It was resolved unanimously to accept Finance reports as presented and to record thanks to the new Clerk for the presentation under the new accounts package.

1005/45 To consider accounts for payment

It was resolved to accept the accounts as listed for payment.

1005/46 To consider draft financial regulations.

It was resolved that the Clerk seek further advice from the internal auditor before finalising the regulations.

1005/47 To consider update alterations to the Mayoral Chain

The Mayor advised that a number of local Councils are not currently updating their Mayoral chains. It was resolved to seek costings locally for repairs.

1005/48 To consider the Annual Return and make a recommendation to Full Council

It was resolved to recommend to full Council that the annual return should be accepted.

1005/49 To consider insurance

It was resolved to continue insurance with WPS for the forthcoming year.

1005/50 To consider Mayoral Allowance

Following a discussion it was resolved to place this on the agenda for the next finance meeting for clarification.