Minutes of a meeting of the Town Projects Advisory Committee held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 20th January 2009.


PRESENT: Chairman - Cllr R W A Miller

Members - Cllrs B M Edwards, P Hames, R H Osborne Other Councillor in attendance C Langton

Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllrs Mrs M Cox

1. Minutes of the Town Projects Advisory Committee held 18 th November 2008

The minutes of the Town Projects Committee held on 18 th November 2008 were approved and signed.

(Vote: Unanimous)

2. Festive Lighting report and future use of Brackets

Cllr Miller reported that there had been a good public response to the Christmas tree lights. The project had turned out to be somewhat bigger than envisaged. He thanked the Westward Ho! Residents Association for helping to erect the trees in Westward Ho! Cllr Hames suggested that a permanent tree be established at Northam Hall. Members then discussed the possible provision of hanging baskets for the summer to use the same brackets as provided for the trees. It was agreed to ask property owners to maintain the baskets and to seek costings from suppliers for the provision of suitably planted hanging baskets.

3. Siting of Dog Bins

It was reported that the dog bins ordered through Torridge had now arrived and it was necessary to decide the locations. It was agreed to recommend the following positions:-

(a) Outside the Council Offices in Windmill Lane in the position of existing litter bin which it is suggested be re-located to Bloody Corner;

(b) At the far end of Windmill Lane;

(c) Bone Hill car park;

(d) Hanson Park;

(e) Top end of Raleigh Hill, near junction with Lenwood Road;

(f) Limers Lane, Chircombe Lane junction;

(g) Staddon Road junction with footpath from the Lookout;

(h) Odun Road by car park opposite Maritime Museum;

(i) Torridge Road by West Appledore car park;

(j) Anchor Park by the Anchor;

(k) Double up existing one in Golf Links Road near the Golf Club;

(l) Hold one in reserve.

4. Street Cleaning

The Town Clerk reported that he was waiting to hear from Torridge on the appointment of a part time cleaner for Northam.

5. Anchor Park Play Equipment

Cllr Edwards reported that the play equipment needs to be painted and refurbished and there was a possibility of funding through the Appledore Community Trust who may have access to grants. It would also be necessary to repair parts of the fence surrounding the play equipment.

Cllr Hames reported that there was the lack of a path to the play equipment area which he thought was necessary for Mums with prams and it was agreed to cost up the provision of a suitable path.

It was also hoped that Devon County Council would be able to put some funding forward towards to maintaining/repairing of the play equipment.

6. Cleaning of War Memorials

Cllr Langton reported that both Memorials were in need of a clean but he was uncertain as to whether this was the best course of action having regard to their age and condition. Cllr Langton undertook to carry out more research and ascertain how much it would cost to put them in good order.

7. Newsletter

Members discussed the plan to produce a newsletter and it was agreed that a template was required and that the various Heads of Committees would put forward suitable articles. The Westward Ho! Reporter was mentioned as an example to follow and it was agreed that the Town Council's newsletter would use the Reporter as a template, production to be in black and white with no colour in order to minimise costs.

8. Road Safety

Concerns were raised that Devon County Council Road Safety Officer seemed a bit elusive. It was agreed to write to Mr Newcombe with a copy to Cllr Ford to pursue the outstanding items with regard to road safety and to raise again Council's concerns in respect of both congestion and speeding in Fore Street and The Square, Northam.