Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council to consider planning applications and allied matters held in the Council Chamber, Windmill Lane, Northam on Tuesday 15 September 2004


PRESENT:     Chairman   -     Deputy Town Mayor – Cllr E J Davies

Members - Cllrs Mrs M M Cox, A Barnes, J A Bell, R D Bradford MBE, Dr P Tamplin.

together with 2 Parishioners                             


Apologies were recorded on behalf of Cllrs. Mrs S A Mounce, A Eastman, A Eastwood OBE and Waters


As a mark of respect at the untimely death of Cllr. Tim Williams the Meeting stood and observed a minutes silence



1.         Minutes


The minutes of the meeting of the Town Council to consider planning applications and allied matters held 25 August 2004 were approved and signed.          (Vote: all in favour)



2          Planning applications


1603/04            66 Atlantic Way Westward Ho!   Loft conversion – RESOLVED .                              recommend approval (all in favour).


            1615/04           Quayside pavement opposite the Seagate Hotel- erection of a Bandstand

                                     RESOLVED- recommend approval (all in favour)


            1626/04           Torcedar Nilgala Close Raleigh Hill-outline application for a bungalow                

in the garden- RESOLVED- recommend refusal , crowding sites are    out of keeping for the area –important to keep the character of the area -         

                                    concerned at the potential loss of trees.(3 for ,3abs)


1642/04           The Bungalow Conybeare Drive Bayview Road –revised scheme to                             proposed extension approved in 2001-RESOLVED-recommend

                                    approval.(all in favour).


            1645/04           Trelease 2 Orchard Hill-loft conversion.-RESOLVED-recommend

                                    approval.(all in favour)


            1653/04           25 Highfield Northam – erection of a fence –RESOLVED-recommend

                                    approval; subject to highway visibility requirements.(all in favour)


            1658/04           The Nursing Home Meeting Street Appledore- conversion to residential apartments comprising 3 two bed, 5 one bed and a one bed mews house with modifications to windows and a small extension and associated landscaping-RESOLVED-recommend approval but concerned about

                                    possible increase in traffic and access and parking problems.(3 for 2 against)


            1668/04           Tidesreach 35 Market Street Appledore-listed building application to   

                                    replace existing chimney. RESOLVED-Recommend approval (all in  


            1671/04           Ocean Swell Golf Links Road Westward Ho! - proposed single storey                                        

                                    extension. RESOLVED-recommend approval(all in favour)



            1710/04           Tors View Cornborough Road –residential development-RESOLVED

                                    recommend approval.(2 for 1 against )



            1714/04           Westleigh Diddywell Road- enlargement of entrance porch.

                                     RESOLVED-recommend approval.(all in favour)



            1721/04           The Maples Cleave Barton Durrant Lane – additional bedroom and

                                    Indoor swimming pool. RESOLVED-recommend approval(all in     





At the conclusion of the meeting Cllr. Bradford MBE showed the members the Harvest Jug that was to be presented to Mondeville by him on behalf of the Council at the forthcoming 30th. Anniversary celebrations.