Minutes of a meeting of the Town Council held on Wednesday 22 nd September 2010 at the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Windmill Lane Northam commencing at 7.00 pm

Present: Cllrs Langton (Chairman), Mrs Biggs, Mrs Boyle, Mrs Collins, Mrs Whittaker, Eastman, Hames, Johnson, Miller, Osborne and Tisdale

In Attendance: Mrs Jane Mills, Town Clerk

Members of the press and public

1009/308 Prayers

There were no prayers as the Minister was unable to attend

1009/309 Chairman's announcements

•  The Chairman advised of an informal meeting taking place at the Northam Burrows Centre with a view to setting up a Countryside Watch for the area.

•  The Chairman advised of a course run by the SLCC regarding new legislation. It was resolved that the Clerk should attend.


1009/310 Apologies

Apologies were received from Cllrs Braund, Edwards and Robinson


1009/311 Declarations of interest

Members were reminded that all interests must be declared prior to the item being discussed.


1009/312 Presentation by Duncan Goodman Torridge Community Transport Association

Mr Goodman was not in attendance.


1009/313 Presentation by Mr T Waters on behalf of Appledore Community Hall Trust

Mr T Waters from Appledore Community Hall gave a brief presentation and update on the progress of the refurbishment of the Hall and invited Councillors to attend the Open Day on 30 th October.


1009/314 Presentation of cheque to British Heart Foundation

A cheque was presented by Councillor Osborne to a representative of the British Heart Foundation.


1009/315 To agree the agenda between Part A and Part B (confidential information)

It was resolved to agreed the agenda between Part A and Part B


1009/316 To consider acceptance of Standing Orders

It was resolved to accept the Standing Orders as presented.


1009/317 To consider acceptance of Financial Regulations

It was resolved to accept Financial Regulations as presented.

1009/318 To consider acceptance of Committee Structures/Delegated Powers

It was resolved to accept the Committee Structures/Delegated Powers as presented.


1009/319 To confirm and sign the minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on 28 th July 2010 and 25 th August 2010 as a correct record

It was resolved to confirm and sign the minutes of the full Council Meeting held 28 th July and 25 th August 2010 as a correct record.


1009/320 To consider and adopt the minutes of committees and sub-committees previously circulated:

Town Projects Committee – 12 th July and 3 rd August 2010

Planning Committee – 14 th July, 28 th July, 25 th August 2010

It was resolved to adopt the minutes of Committees and sub-committees previously circulated.


1009/321 To receive a Police Report

A Police Report (attached to filed copy) was read to the meeting.


1009/322 To receive questions and/or deputations or petitions from parishioners. All

deputations or petitions to be referred without discussion to the clerk for action, or to the next council meeting for discussion as appropriate. Any question requiring an answer at the meeting to be submitted at least five working days before the meeting to the Town Council office.

A member of the public raised a question about the state of the steps at Churchfields car park. These steps are the responsibility of Torridge District Council. The member of the public was advised to contact Torridge and ask to speak at their Council Meeting.

A further question was raised about the consultation regarding affordable housing at Odun Road car park. Councillor Eastman advised that it will not possible to build on this site because of clauses within local residents deeds.


1009/323 To consider an update on Quality Status

The Clerk advised nothing further to report.


1009/324 Notice of Motion received from Cllr Mrs Boyle – “Following the setting of Committee budgets at the end of the calendar year, I would like to propose that each Committee which is handling any finances, submits a quarterly statement of account, showing the year's spend and projected spend for the next quarter for the information of all Council Members.”

Members considered the above Notice of Motion and it was unanimously resolved to accept it.


1009/325 Notice of Motion received from Cllr Hames – “In the light of information circulated to Councillors reminding them that Northam Town Council is responsible for the provision and upkeep of the public toilet behind Northam Community Centre it is proposed that cleaning the toilet is included in the list of duties to be undertaken by the Maintenance Staff who are to be appointed soon by the Council.”

Members considered the above Notice of Motion and it was resolved to accept it with one abstention.


1009/326 To receive and consider reports from the Town Clerk

•  Monthly Financial Report and list of payments and a monthly bank reconciliation

It was resolved to note the bank reconciliation and accept the list of payments

1009/327 To consider correspondence

•  Devon Association of Local Councils Annual Report 2009/2010 – held in office

•  Village Green – September 2010 – held in office (to include an invitation to the Community Council of Devon's 2010 Rural Communities Conference on 20 th October 2010 – 10 am – 4 pm)

•  Torrington Area Advisory Group- Town Hall, Torrington – 28 th September at 7 pm

It was resolved to note the correspondence


1009/328 To consider correspondence from Devon County Council regarding the A39 Westleigh Junction improvements

It was resolved to write to Devon County Council and the local newspaper expressing the deep disquiet about improvements to the junction by means of traffic lights. It was considered that this was a cheap way to improve the junction with no thought to the congestion problems that would be caused by traffic backing up at the lights. Also cars would avoid the area because of the lights and put additional pressure on other roads


1009/329 To consider Street Matters

•  DCC Road closure Orchard Hill Northam. This was noted

•  DCC Winter Service on Devon's Highways. The Clerk was asked to circulate the information and agenda it for the next meeting

1009/330 Reports from District Members

Cllr Johnson gave a report on the work being done by ASDA to the flower beds.

Cllr Tisdale reported on the continuing improvements at Westward Ho!

Cllr Eastman combined his District and County Council report and spoke about the informal meeting that had been held regarding the Appledore Quay and Blackies boat park. He also advised that the work on the cycleway had commenced.


1009/331 Report from County Councillor

See above


1009/334 It was resolved to readmit members of the press and public


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.05 pm